Best of the interwebs…a new feature

internetfunny.jpgHere’s a new Friday tradition for you. Each Friday I’ll post my favorite net findings for you to check out. They will of course feature a good dose of Cleveland Sports info, as well as some national stuff and maybe a video or two. If you have spotted something you think I’d want to include, send it my way- rick @ waitingfornextyear (dot) com.

 Cleveland Sports-

From the Akron Beacon Journal- Leigh Bodden clears his name…take that Bengals!

Ohio State blogger hangs ’em up. You’ll be missed Keith… 

Dawg Pound Daily reminds us that the Browns went undefeated too…sorry Patriot fans. (Ok, I’m not really sorry!) 

Paul at the DiaTribe has an excellent recap of the Sabathia contract situation. 

Nice piece from Tony Lastoria on Marte and Barfield, two Indians that need to produce this year…

For those of you wondering what it would cost the Browns to franchise Derek Anderson, Muni-Lot has the answer…(let’s just scratch that option off the list)

And the rest…

This story is making the rounds today…it is absolutely a fan’s dream. Well done sir. Bravo. (Make sure you click on the link to see the pictures…my favorite is the one with Tom Coughlin and the trophy.)

Ghosts of Wayne Fontes did a funny piece they called Sports World Tombstones. It’s not as morbid as you think…

From True Hoop- the story of Joe Kleine’s $1.2 million dollar retirement gift…further evidence that the NBA has the worst system in place for player contracts and salary cap issues.

Jonny Fairplay first to go from the new Survivor season…that’s no fun. 

Send us a tip for next week’s installment…happy reading.