April 18, 2014

Could Romeo Crennel Be Suspended?

Romeo and Bill

Like most fans that were thrilled to see the New England Patriots lose the Super Bowl, I had also been pretty keen on the idea of this whole “Spygate” issue dating back to 2001. That was at least until today, when a post by Michael David Smith got me thinking.

If all [of "Spygate"] is true, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will most certainly discipline Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But he wouldn’t stop there.

The Patriots’ defensive coaching staff for that game consisted of Belichick and five assistants: Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, inside linebackers coach Pepper Johnson, defensive backs coach Eric Mangini, defensive line coach Randy Melvin and outside linebackers coach Rob Ryan. All of those five are still in the NFL, but only Johnson is still with the Patriots.

Now, the one thing that sticks out on this post is that we would be singling out the defensive coaches on the team – with the thinking being that they’re the ones that benefited the most from the taping.


Now while I may be a bit biased, it would be tough to draw the line at certain coaches when you’re going to start nicking those that are currently on other teams. If anything, this post shows that we cannot just assume the punishment (if any) would stop at Bill Belichick. But finding the line where it would stop may prove to be more of a challenge.

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  • http://www.dawgpounddaily.com Steve

    That’s ridiculous, although I never thought of it in that way. At this point, no one should be suspended. Just let it go…

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