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GAMBLOG LogoPicks Of The Week – February 7, 2008

We’re back with another installment of the GAMBLOG Picks Of The Week. This week Matt takes a look at college basketball. Personally, I think Matt is nuts and I think he’s about to drop to 4-1 ATS, but hey, that’s why he’s the resident “advice” expert and I am not. As always, I feel compelled to include my fine print disclaimer….these picks are just for fun, not for any activities that are probably illegal where you live. However, if you win your “just for fun” bet and feel an obligation to kick back a percentage of your “fun winnings” to us, we will gladly oblige your wishes.

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College Basketball Edition
mjgreg’s current record ATS is 4-0

Indiana Hoosiers (18 – 3) vs Ohio State Buckeyes (16-7)
Schottenstein Center, Columbus, Ohio
Sunday, February 10, 2008
1:00 PM EST

Michigan may be Ohio State‘s biggest rival, but when it comes to Big Ten hoops there’s no team the Buckeye fans despise more than the Hoosiers. This year Indiana finds themselves ranked in the top 20, meanwhile the Buckeyes are trying to rebuild after their 2007 Championship appearance and loss of three starters to the NBA.

I think this game comes down to a few main factors. Can the combination of Othello Hunter and Kosta Koufos win the battle down low with D.J. White, and will Jamar Butler be able to pull off another superman performance? I think Ohio State is playing with more energy and determination after the embarrassing loss at Iowa last weekend, and Indiana is going to be overlooking Ohio State in route to their rematch against Wisconsin on Wednesday.

This will be a close game either way, but I’m picking Ohio State to win outright. However the Gamblog will still take the points.

Official prediction:

Indiana Hoosiers – 64
Buckeyes – 67 (+3.5)


  • Matt

    Well, apparently after Indiana’s close call at Illinois the oddsmakers decided to make Ohio State favored in this one by 2.5 points. I guess since I predicted Ohio State to win 67-64, I have to stick with it.

  • RockKing

    That’s quite a swing in the spread. I guess you should be feeling pretty good about getting 3.5 points on your pick.