Introducing The Brew Crew

Brew CrewOhio State Brings In Impressive Recruiting Class

Jim Tressel officially welcomed 19 new members to the Ohio State University football family. The recruiting class, known collectively as the Brew Crew (more on this later) is a special class in many ways. Not just in their athletic abilities, but in the caliber of people that OSU is bringing in. This is the quintessential Jim Tressel class….a group of individuals thinking as a cohesive team and already showing so many of the qualities that we have grown to love from Tressel players over the years. So who are the individual members of the Brew Crew, and how did such a great group of kids form? I’ll get to that in just a minute…

…But first, I need to address the elephant in the room, Terrelle Pryor. By now we all know that he didn’t decide today. I can’t get into as many details as I want, but I’ll just say that as was reported by CSTV and the Columbus Dispatch, as of just 2 days ago, Pryor was sure he was going to OSU. However, his father felt that TP hadn’t given other schools a fair look and wanted him to at least visit Penn St. That’s what caused the delay. So now, Pryor will visit Penn St for sure. He also mentioned visiting Oregon as well. I still feel that Oregon is a LONG shot at best, and I’ll believe he’s visiting there when he gets on a plane. But Penn State is a serious contender now. In the end, though, I think Pryor will pay his respects and show up to Penn St, look around, and then commit to Ohio State.

If you don’t believe me, perhaps watching this video will help. It’s interesting to note a couple things. First, he doesn’t mention Oregon. The only time Oregon was mentioned was when the ESPN analysts brought it up to him. Second, he does not look happy about the way this is going down, and he does not look or sound excited to be looking into Penn State. Third, and I thought most telling, was the end when TP gets up and you can hear him say, “This sucks.” Pryor wanted to be a Buckeye, and he wanted to announce it today. As it worked out, he wasn’t allowed to do so, and now we are looking at a 2-3 week delay. Good things come to those who wait, and I still say Christmas will be coming, it will just be a belated Christmas for Tressel the Buckeyes this year.

Now, onto the Brew Crew…

The Forming Of The Brew Crew

The first person to verbal to Ohio State was the outstanding kicker and punter out of Westerville, Ben Buchanon. Shortly after, Ohio State got a verbal from a mountain of a man, offensive tackle out of Dublin Coffman Big Mike Adams. Adams had befriended an offensive lineman out of Florida named Michael Brewster. Brewster began talking to Adams frequently, and when Adams verballed to OSU, the 2 friends began talking about playing college football together. Adams introduced his teammate, Jake Stoneburner, to Brewster. Stoneburner knew he wanted to go to OSU, but he hadn’t yet been offered by OSU. That didn’t stop him from forming a tight friendship with Adams and Brewster and to join in the talks of all going to the same school. Stoneburner also happened to know a fellow WR, this one out of Cincinnati….DeVier Posey. Stoneburner got Posey in touch with Brewster. Posey would soon verbal to OSU, and the Brew Crew grew bigger and stronger and closer. Brewster also happened to meet another excellent offensive tackle recruit, J.B. Shugarts out of Klein, Texas. The two met, ironically, at Michigan’s camp. Brewster began texting and calling Shugarts and yet another recruit started joining in on all the talks of playing together at the same school. Meanwhile, Brewster met a LB recruit out of Pennsylvania, Andrew Sweat, at a camp in Florida. Brewster formed yet another friendship and found out that Sweat was also closely looking at Ohio State. Sweat also happened to be friends with a certain Terrelle Pryor since age 10. Eventually, Stoneburner got his offer and verballed. Posey was quick to verbal. On the weekend of the spring game last year, Tressel was shocked by getting verbals from Brewster and Shugarts on back to back days. Sweat also came through with the verbal commitment. And just like that, the Brew Crew was in place.

But why are they called the “Brew Crew”? Well, simply, it all stems from Michael Brewster. Buckeye fans may never fully realize just how important Brewster was to this class coming together. Brewster is an incredible kid, and he’s incredibly personable and outgoing. He also happens to have an affection for texting and phoning friends. Brewster, showing his leadership qualities before ever practicing once for the Buckeyes, saw the importance of securing a great class and went to work. He has talked about how it’s been important for him from day one to let all these other recruits know that he’s there for them and available to talk 24/7. His work was infectuous, and before long, guys started passing around phone numbers and dividing up potential recruits and getting on the phone, making calls and text messages. What started with a core group of recruits kept spreading and as more and more high quality recruits verballed to Ohio State, each new guy joined in on the recruiting. Eventually, other guys like Sabino, Mobley, Williams, Goebel, and Wells would follow.
It’s unbelievably refreshing to listen to these guys talk about the bonds and friendships that have been formed already. Last summer Shugarts visited Columbus for a week and stayed with Big Mike Adams and Jake Stoneburner. Andrew Sweat came to town to visit. These guys are all great friends, and motivated to represent OSU well. It’s going to be fun to watch these guys develop and to see what becomes of their OSU careers.

The Members Of The Brew Crew

Five Stars:

  • Etienne Sabino (#2 MLB, Miami Florida)
  • Michael Brewster (#1 C, Orlando Florida)
  • J.B. Shugarts (#7 OT, Klein Texas)
  • DeVier Posey (#4 WR, Cincinnati Ohio)
  • Mike Adams (#2 OT, Dublin Ohio)

Four Stars:

  • Keith Wells (#16 DE, Gainesville Georgia)
  • Willie Mobley (#13 DT, Eden Prairie Minnesota)
  • Lamaar Thomas (#10 RB/WR, Fort Washington Maryland)
  • Garrett Goebel (#4 DT, Lombard Illinois)
  • Andrew Sweat (#6 MLB, Washington Pennsylvania)
  • Nathan Williams (#24 DE, Washington Courthouse Ohio)
  • Jacob Stoneburner (#4 TE, Dublin Ohio)

Three Stars:

  • Orhian Johnson (#30 QB, Gulfport Florida)
  • Zach Domicone (#71 S, Beavercreek Ohio)
  • Shawntel Rowell (#60 DT, Cleveland Ohio)
  • Travis Howard (#24 CB, Miami Florida)
  • Nic DiLillo (#39 TE, Madison Ohio)
  • Ben Buchanan (#4 K, Westerville Ohio)

Two Stars:

  • Jermil Martin (FB, Cleveland Ohio)

So there you have it, the 2008 recruiting class for The Ohio State University. This is a great collection of talent from all over the country. Despite their different origins and diversity, they are all united by a common goal and a singular mission… success. There were some who got away, guys like Josh Jenkins, Brandon Harris, DeVoe Torrence, and Kevin Koger. But rather than lament over those who didn’t come to Ohio State, it’s nice to be able to instead gush over the guys who chose to become Buckeyes. We here at WaitingForNextYear want to welcome these guys aboard and wish them all nothing but success on and off the field at Ohio State.