The Cavs Trade Rumors Continue

Mike MillerNow, while I realize that Chad Ford is the same guy that rumored Larry Brown to be locked and loaded to coach the Cavaliers not all to long ago, his latest bit has me at least a little intrigued.

“The deal, as described to me by a player agent, would send Miller, [Brian] Cardinal and [Kyle] Lowry to the Cavaliers for Ira Newble, Donyell Marshall, Shannon Brown, Cedric Simmons and Dwayne Jones along with cash and at least one first-round pick from Cleveland.”

You read that right.  Not only would we add a solid scoring option, but a point guard as well!  Mike Lowry is no Jason Kidd, but he has been one of the more underutilized guards in the league – and given the recent addition of Mike Conley to the Grizzlies, there is little to no use for him in Memphis.

It’s almost to the point where I’m more excited about the throw-in than the actual main player, Mike Miller, but can you blame me?  He’s [Lowry] 21, can dish the rock and play defense.  He’s not a good shooter, but that’s where Miller (and Boobie Gibson) comes in.

Couple all of this with not having to get rid of Gibson, and you have me sold.  This is the type of deal that would get shot down in fantasy leagues, but since we have to take the salaries into consideration (Cardinal makes $6 million this year and next), it works out well … at least for Cleveland. 

In essence, we’re sending five bench players for upgrades at the shooting guard as well as a solid point guard.  Plus, Cardinal’s an all-around nice guy, so it’s almost a win-win.  The key part is in the expiration, as Miller’s deal (as well as Cardinal’s) expires in 2010, still allowing us to have room to do what needs to be done to keep LeBron in Cleveland.


  • Rick

    So, if that deal went through who in the world starts for the Cavs?

  • Scott

    Tough call, when you give up a slew of bench players for starters. My guess is Lowry/Miller/James/Gooden/Z

    Hughes and Gibson could then be two of the better bench players in the East… a la Manu/Barry?

  • Scott

    But I personally would love to see them go smaller…

    Lowry/Gibson/Miller/James/Z – but that would likely never happen….

  • RockKing

    I wonder if the eastern conference “source” is really Ferry. Hard to really see what Memphis is getting out of this deal.

  • Rick

    I don’t think this deal makes a lick of sense for Memphis. I know the Gasol trade was pretty one-sided, but this would be ridiculous. What are they getting? A few small expiring contracts, and they get out of Cardinal’s contract, but they are taking on Marshall’s so what’s the difference? They would be giving up their leading scorer and most popular player for nothing. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • RockKing

    Well, the difference is that Marshall “potentially” gives you a lot more production than Brian Cardinal does, but in general I agree with your premise. Mike Miller is unlikely to be going anywhere. A team would have to “wow” the Grizz to make it happen, and the Cavaliers cannot “wow” them with any package of scrubs.

  • http://GOCAVS Gabriel C. Reynolds

    Cavs are the deepest team in the NBA and if we get Antwan Jamison I would be willing to bet we could challenge Jordans 96 bull record of 72-10 maybe Cavs 74-8. Lebron(best scorer in NBA), Mo Williams (2nd best 3 point shooter in game) alongside Ray Allen, Shaq (4 time champion center), Jamison,Gibson,West,Varajao,Powe,Hickson,Williams,Ilgauskas,

    History is repeating itself from last year and will for years to come because theyre giving Lebron extra help now. We own the best record in NBA.