03/06 Morning Minute: Now Pinch Hitting…

lebronknicks.jpgScott had meetings all day, so you’re stuck with Rick for this edition of the Morning Minute. (Seriously, doesn’t his boss know there is work to be done here too?)

We don’t talk much college hoops here at WFNY, but have to give props to Kent State’s team. Last night they beat Miami to clinch top seed in the MAC tourney, and finished off a perfect season at home (16-0). The Flashes, who fell out of the top 25 after a loss to Bowling Green, have only Akron left before the tournament begins. Sounds like Kent State has a good chance to make the NCAA tournament even if they stumble in the MAC tourney.

It has been almost a month since Terrelle Pryor announced nothing on national television. Since then he has been leading his HS hoops team to the state playoffs, and of course visiting his buddies at Ohio State. If you read the Plain Dealer piece on him today, you get the impression that Pryor to Ohio State seems like a foregone conclusion.

Jeannette advances to the quarterfinals of the Pennsylvania boys basketball state tournament. The team plays again Saturday, and if it continues to win will play next Wednesday, then Saturday, March 15, in the Class AA state title game at Penn State.

Roy Hall, the quarterbacks coach for Jeannette’s football team, believes that state title game could coincide with an official visit to Penn State by Pryor. For it’s in a football uniform that the Subject, the No. 1 quarterback recruit in the nation, is more often observed.

The prevailing fan sentiment from the Jeannette crowd is Pryor will play his college football for Ohio State, but it is this missing visit to Penn State which caused Pryor not to announce his college choice on Feb. 6 as expected.

As Ohio State fans we certainly like to read that, but don’t gloss over this part of the story-

He talks about his father, Craig, who had heart problems over the weekend. The family says everything is fine now.

 He explains that his competitiveness, when flashed, is genetic. “I’m a Pryor,” he says. “My dad used to hit me when I lost at anything, at fights, anything. I mean, your dad is supposed to make you a man, right? That’s what he did.”

I get the feeling that Terrelle is looking forward to going to college, and that getting away might be the best thing for him.

Could it be that the Suns will miss the playoffs? Last night’s loss dropped them to 6th place in the West, and Denver (the 9th spot) is a mere 3.5 games back. Could make a prophet out of this guy. Here’s some more recap from last night’s LeBron love fest in New York. 

Big game again tonight for the Cavaliers as they travel to Chicago to take on the windy city Cavs. If you haven’t read Larry Hughes’ comments following the last Cleveland game, you should. The Bulls suspended forward Tyus Thomas today for an ‘unexcused absence’ from practice. Sounds like the Drew Gooden show will be in full effect tonight. ATTENTION MIKE BROWN PLEASE ATTACK THE BASKET!! There that’s it, my apologies Scott, we need to talk to this boss of yours!

  • Anon Imus

    I love your site because it discusses everything and anything Cleveland sports related in a very timley manner. However, you guys have yet to post about CSU, no — not colorado state, but those pesky Vikings that are only like two games away from making the big dance, and almost assured of a NIT bid. Surprisingly, this is a very undecovered team, despite its recent success and large fan base. Wake up and get on the bandwagon (even ESPN wrote something about them recently)! It would be a great service if you could place more attention on this growing story.

    Looking forward to your reply,

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    Thanks for the feedback AI. I can’t speak for my fellow authors, but for me, it would be hard to write about CSU because they’re never on TV where I live. Only one of their games this season have been on ESPNU. It’s really more about accessibility for me than anything else. I mean, heck, I even just wrote a post about soccer, but I watch it all the time because it’s on Fox Soccer Channel.

    I think in general, too, that college basketball is just a sport that none of us writers on this site follow all that closely. As an OSU alum, I don’t even write about OSU’s basketball team because I just don’t follow college basketball closely enough. It’s not that I’m ignoring CSU, it’s more of that I’m ignoring college basketball as a whole.

  • http://www.firstandteninches.com Scott

    Thanks, AI. I tried to dig a bit, but I’m pretty sure that I mentioned CSU when they topped Butler a little over a month ago. I do agree that we haven’t been doing much in terms of covering the team. As I work only 5 blocks from the University, I’ll do my best to add some coverage to my pieces.

    With that said, thanks for stepping in, Rick. And I’ll do what I can to get the ‘man’ in line…

  • Rick

    Anon, thanks for reading and for your comment. You are correct in that we have not covered Cleveland State.

    While I would love for WFNY to be a site that is able to cover all of the Cleveland sports scene, the truth is that we are three guys who work and have families and such. I was telling Rock this morning that if I started following another team (outside of the Indians, Browns, Cavs, and Buckeyes) I might be heading for divorce!

    And to be honest I’m not comfortable covering teams that I don’t know anything about. After a brief experiment at the beginning of the year, I had to stop writing about the Blue Jackets. I just don’t know enough about the sport or the team.

    I hope that you keep reading us- we’ll try to keep up with the scene as best we can!

  • Anon Imus

    Thanks for the replies guys. Interestingly, I live in NY and the only reason I got into the Vikes this season is b/c they started showing all the games online at horizonleaguenetwork.com. So, maybe next season RockKing can become the offical beat reporter for the team by tuning in to that website. Rest of the playoffs are on ESPNU now.

    I just want to retierate that I love the site ever since I stumbled upon it last month. It has quickly jumped from #15 site on my morning net surf routine to #3 (behind Brian’s ABJ blog and Swerbs blurbs). Keep up the good work! And do not let it get in the way of your families, even truhoop autor henry abbot took a day off yesterday to spend with his family.

    All the best,

  • Rick

    By the way, I think Anon is really Spike Lee…

  • Jeremy Coyle

    Or maybe the fan that ran out onto the court to give LeBron a hug.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    No, that was me.