3/14 Morning Minute: Speechless

LeBron JamesI apologize in advance, as I’ve been really pressed for time this week.  A lot going on in the ever-pressing “real” life, which I’m sure we can all attest to from time to time.  That is unless you’re DeShawn Stevenson, who apparently has entirely too much time on his hands.

That’s right.  Instead of focusing his efforts on shooting over 38 percent from the floor and being known more for his game than a mound of hair on his face, Stevenson decides to talk to the media and call one of the best players ever to play the game “overrated.”

Yes, the same Stevenson that shot 19 percent from the floor in the playoffs last year, when his team desperately needed him to step up his game.  The same Stevenson who has been in the league for seven years and has yet to average more than 11 points in a single season.  That DeShawn Stevenson. 

The man talks a lot of smack for being the fourth scoring option on a team that just got back to .500.  Pretty impressive that he can make Damon Jones look like a Carthusian monk.  Great timing as well, since the Cavs and Wizards will not meet again for the rest of the season.

I wonder where that “opinion” was when the Cavs stomped all over the Wizards not all that long ago.  At least they were within spitting distance here.  Could have won if not for that 5-for-15 performance, eh DeShawn?  That same one when LeBron went for 33 , 15 and 8 on you? 

Maybe J.J. can teach you a thing or two?  At least he knows his role…

And maybe I’m not so “speechless” after all…


  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    You just stole my next post from me. Thanks a lot! :)

    Nice work, though. The Stevenson quote was just mind boggling.

  • http://www.firstandteninches.com Scott

    My bad, man. I just couldn’t get over it. Not that a bush-league comment from Stevenson surprises me much…

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    I guess that’s his best way to get back at the Cavaliers for beating them with a roster of Eric Snow, Damon Jones, Devin Brown, LeBron James, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and 2 D-League players.

    I bet Stevenson is Skip Bayless’ new favorite player, though.

  • rock (not RockKing)

    That’s so funny, all Lebron does is complain about calls that he’s absolutetly guilty of. Remember that travel last night when Lebron took 3-4 steps, and then he complained to the reffs “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” ..haha, and the charge towards the end of the game which Deshawn drew…Of course he is going to have these all-world stats when he handles the ball 95% of the time…heck, Gilbert was scoring 28+ points a game with 6 assists when he was handling the ball 80%+ of the time, plus he had two 20 point scorers on the team. The NBA want Lebron in the finals because he brings tv ratings up…but just like yesterday, he’s going to face a team with an opportuntiy to put the game out of the ‘ref’s’ reach by a team knocking down their free throws. His 7 turnovers canceled out his 7 assists. Lebron is the most physically gifted athelete in the league….Kobe is the best player. Someone needs to sit down with these refs and break down the video of Letravell’s many steps he takes when taking it to the hole….wait, maybe they shouldn’t b/c Lebron is Lebron..Tough Juice all day baby…I can’t FEEL MY FACE ~DS