Oh Internet, please use your powers for good…

This week’s ‘Best of the Web’ will be somewhat brief. As always, we start with a review of stories from WFNY (that’s what all the cool kids call WaitingForNextYear.)

The Cavaliers played bookend games against the Bulls this week, winning the first one, and losing the last. In between was LeBron’s 50 point gem in the Garden. If you missed ‘the dunk’ over Luol Deng in that first Chicago game, here you go. Don’t say I never gave you anything.


Posts-a-plenty about the Browns this week, including a fresh perspective of the Derek Anderson contract via Ben Roethlisberger comparison. The somewhat embarrassingly popular Shaun Rogers piece. Scott shared thoughts on seldom used Travis Wilson. We speculated on potential moves yet to be made. And finally Rock wrote an extensive piece on Browns owner Randy Lerner that you have to make time to read.

Football in March? Scott witnessed it, and swears it was almost like the real thing!

I saw a meaningless Spring Training game, and asked a meaningful question– wherefore art though Pronk?

Around the Cleveland sports scene-

The Plain Dealer spent a week in Winter Haven with the Tribe. That’s good news for us. I won’t link all the worthwhile pieces, here’s the buffet- pick what you want.

Bud Shaw thinks Shaun Rogers’ new contract is a big gamble. He’s right. Tony Grossi discusses the Browns’ new $100 million dollar defensive line. (Gulp!)

Some guy named Pat from ESPN talks about the Browns winning now. With that Mortensen video from last week, I have a feeling the Browns are going to be everyone’s ‘sleeper’ pick next year. That might be worse than everyone picking us to finish dead last like last year.

Dawg Pound Daily saw the same thing I did, that the Bengals may be in deeper trouble than everyone realizes.

Filtering Craig thinks Cleveland fans should have some sympathy for Seattle Sonic fans.

Yeah, I’ll stop linking the DiaTribe, when he stops writing great pieces! This one is on ‘the hefty lefty’ Sabathia.

Around the rest of the sports universe-

Poor Warren Sapp, he picked a bad week to retire.

Finally, Jeff at Slam Dunk Central was very helpful to me earlier this week, and since he has a nice site, he gets a mention! Thanks Jeff.

  • Jeremy

    Please dont stop linking Diatribe thats a great article, as well as many others from that site.

    – Hey, I was just wandering with Fantasy baseball upon us. Any chance the waitingfornextyear folks could give us some knowledge. Maybe a top 10 sleeper or bust candidates this year? I have drafts the next 3 Saturdays and always looking for educated opinions.


  • Rick

    I’m sure some fantasy info is heading your way. I’ve won some leagues, but I think Scott might be the resident expert. We’ll see what we can put togther…

  • patrick eaton

    just a note in case the tribe game was missed…

    cliff…still not good

    pronk…hit the snot out of the ball..twice

  • Rick

    Saw Pronk’s hits on highlights. Looks like the field was an absolute mess. Hafner made good contact, but one of those two should have been caught. But definitely looked better today.

    As for Cliff, what can you say? Hopefully he pulls out of this, if not I have no qualms about dumping him. We have other guys ready to pitch.

  • Jeremy

    Fantasy Info would be great.