Phil Savage Still Bitter, Likely Voting For Re-Seeding

In Phil We TrustWhile the NFL off-season continues to inundate us with draft prep, combine numbers and Mel Kiper’s hair, one oft-overlooked portion of the down months continues to be the ownership meetings along with voting for rule-changes.  Don’t forget, these meetings not only brought us an influx of defensive holding penalties, but also managed to single-handedly reduce the annual salary of Roy Williams. 

Checking in on this season, James Walker over at ESPN’s Hashmarks lends some insight to what could wind up being a pretty big change in the AFC: Re-seeding based on record as opposed to being based on Conference Championships. 

After digesting the post, two quick things jump out to me:

1) I didn’t know that the AFC North had the toughest strength of schedule last season.  This makes me feel even better about the 10-win Browns, even if the playoffs were not awarded.  Thanks, Indianapolis.  Which leads me to…

2) The following quote:

The only AFC North team expected to vote for re-seeding is the Browns, in part because they were left out of the playoffs via a tiebreaker when the Indianapolis Colts limited playing time for their starters against the Tennessee Titans.

“It makes it so if you locked up the division and have two or three games left, you have to keep playing,” Browns general manager Phil Savage said. “We were in a situation last year where we were hurt by a team not having to play the full 16 games. I think it would almost ensure that all 16 games mean something. I think that’s important.”

Amen, Phil.  Of course, teams that would not benefit from the re-seeding (like New England, Indy or in terms of the AFC North, Pittsburgh) are obviously giving it the hammer.  Any sort of measure that would ensure teams playing all 16 games would not only make fantasy owners happy, but would make things a bit more interesting down the stretch for the NFL and its broadcasting partners alike.

Majority of AFC North against re-seeding


  • SamBfromTN

    I love the idea of teams playing thier hearts out all 16 games, or at least pretending to. It is really irritating when teams only play to get a couple players 30 more yards or whatever. Being a Browns fan aside, it is easy to see how this mindset hurts the league as a whole.

    On the other hand, I feel that teams should be rewarded for winning thier division and I see the point of the rest of our div. Division winners with tougher schedules get the shaft.

    I wish someone would come up with a creative solution to motivate teams to play every game like it was worth something without completely screwing another team over.

  • Jeremy Coyle

    What really irritates me is that you have a lot of guys making a lot of money. You mean to tell me that it’s okay to slack once you clinched? Tell me any athlete that’s not getting paid to slack off a few plays and see what he says. If it were up to me I’d vote in favor of it too.

  • Scott

    I know what you’re saying Jeremy. But if you put it in a relative scale, if salesmen have already met their goals for the year, they tend to push back the pipeline a bit so that they can record the new sales in a different year. It just so happens that I don’t buy inordinate amounts of tickets to watch salesmen every season…

  • spencer096

    i think we’re missing the bigger picture…the nfl voting on whether or not tony dungy is a douchebag.

    which he is, of course.

  • Jeremy Coyle

    Ah, my friend, I am in sales. Once I hit my goals I continue selling. Every company I have ever worked for offers incentives to those who go above and beyond goals. I make more money that way.

  • Scott

    And I wish all salesmen would model off of you. We can get into the talks of compensation plans, but that just goes back to the NFL. Most players make no more (or less) money if they win 10 games or 11 games; same goes for the owners.

    I guess the karma came back around when Indy fell flat in the playoffs…

  • Louis

    this is absolutely necessary, the NFL being the money driven corporation that it is, it’d just make more sense having more games that matter in effect driving up the ratings. It’s bullshit if this reseeding thing doesn’t happen.