Second Verse, Same As The First

Since the last comic depicting the latest C.C. Sabathia combustion got such a great response, I thought that a “Game 2” comic would fit in quite nicely this morning.  And what would a good comic be without a little Agent Zero complete with brick-action as well as that piece of garbage that is Brendan Haywood. 

The only picture that I wish would’ve made the AP reel was something involving Stevenson’s “I can’t feel my face” after making a shot in the third while they were down 20.  Do enjoy! (Click on the picture for the full-sized file)

Cavs Wiz Game 2

(All photos courtesy of the Associated Press)

  • Rick

    Nice one Scott!

  • DCBucks

    OK I think I need one of these daily with my morning coffee. Seriously…

  • Scott

    Ha. thanks, DCB. I’ll see what I can do.

  • Louis


  • Tony

    So what is Stevenson doing? “I can’t feel my face” is good. I thought it was “we’re so good, you can’t see us”. But Alberts and Miller seemed to think he was blowing on his hand because he’s so hot, he’s on fire.

    To me, he’s saying “I’m a gigantic tool and I’m so dumb I have to keep reminding myself I shoot with this hand.”