Good Thing Anderson Varejao Held Out

Anderson Varejao…Because it looks like he may need all of the money he can get his hands on. 

ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that the NBA will look to dish out fines to players that are determined to be guilty of the ever-popular “flopping.” 

The league office has yet to determine exact fine amounts for offending flops and how fines might escalate for repeat offenders, but in-game arena observers and video reviewers will be instructed to report instances of theatrical flopping for potential punishment as part of postgame reports on officiating and other matters.

While I’m unsure as to why you would need in-game observers and video reviewers, I think that this is a step in the right direction for the leauge.  Granted, we have a guy that is most notorious for winding up on his back whenever the ball enters the lane, this will force teams to stop playing like they’re on roller skates. 

If you go to the ESPN link, you’ll find some colorful commentary from Detroit’s Rasheed Wallace.  Needless to say, he’s also supportive of the pending rule-change.

Fines will be imposed for clear cases of flopping []

  • Adam

    Andy doesn’t flop often. However, I’m worried it will get in his head. He obviously can’t jump so how else is he supposed to play defense?

  • Ricky

    This is stupid, how will they be able to objectively be able to tell if one is flopping? Andy looks like he flops every time, but thats not always the case. If they would actually call fouls correctly players might not feel the need to flop all the time, but maybe that is wishful thinking. Now that it is an international game, flopping seems to have come with that territory.

    What I would like to see is an advantage rule, similar to soccer. If the team is fouled but for example gets a breakaway opportunity or a player gets a wide open 3, hold the whistle and let the play finish. but thats just me

  • Scott

    Agreed – he has such little control over his body, that his reckless abandon may work against him in this one…

  • Gordo

    I’m with Ricky, this is asinine. The NBA can spend their calories on much more pressing issues than this. Flopping as a fine-able offense? Gimme a break. Tell the refs to call a flop a defensive foul (floppers in soccer get yellow carded), as opposed to a no call, and let it go from there. Fouling out as a result of flopping should be enough of a deterrent. And besides, “selling” is a part of every game…are we going to fine catchers who frame a pitch for a strike? Receivers who fall after incidental contact and get PI called? This is so dumb.