April 16, 2014

Left Fielders, Where Art Thou?

With whispers of Tribe boycotts brewing, I thought it would be topical to discuss one of the latest posts over at MLBTradeRumors.  Almost answering my unspoken prayers, they broke out a list of the latest left fielders that could have some trade potential over the next few weeks.

It’s very nice of them to list the Indians as about one of three or four teams that are desparately in the market for some hitting from the seven-slot.  Of course, you have some of the ”regulars” in Jason Bay and Matt Holliday.  A name that intrigues me is Pat Burrell.  The guy is just a masher, as long as we don’t need him to help us out much in the batting average department. 

Check out the list and put your thoughts below.  Is there anyone on there that you think we should make a play for?  Good news is, if everything else falls through, Kenny Lofton is still unsigned.*

*can you smell the sarcasm?

The Left Field Market [MLBTradeRumors]

  • Mr. McG

    While not a left fielder, I have wanted to make a play for Chipper Jones (3B) from the start of the season. For the remainder of this year, put Blake in LF instead. Chipper and Blake will both be free-agents next year, so I’d imagine the Braves would want to get something for him if they don’t plan on re-signing him. Then, the Tribe would have the option the following year to chose from which 3B to re-sign….

  • Mr. Yuk

    So is Barry.

    *please punch me for typing this.

  • Ricky

    check out a little stat i found on espn.com, at this article… http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/story?columnist=stark_jayson&page=rumblings&lpos=spotlight&lid=tab3pos1
    Its down a bit in the article, but its the CUS stat, which is a Criminally Unsupported Start. A pitcher gets one when he goes 6 innings or more and his team gives him no more than 1 run of support while he is in the game. Guess who is the MLB leader in this little statistic? You guessed it. The Cleveland Indians, with 14, just ahead of the Orioles and Royals who have 13 a piece. Man this season has been fun

  • http://pronkneedsyou.blogspot.com/ woodsmeister

    Blake in left field? With his 52 OPS+? That really solves the left field problem. No thanks, not even if we get Chipper to man 3B for us. Blake should be our uber-utility guy, not a starting position player for this team.