There Can Only Be One…

Welcome to another installment of the WFNY Comics. Today, I took those ever-popular Gatorade NBA Playoff commercials and chose to incorporate a few rather current events into a Cavs/Celtics preview. Prepare for a small cameo appearance as well.

As always, click on the image for the full-sized file. Do enjoy…

Cavs v Celts

  • MacNip

    This cracked me up… the Z cameo. All that’s missing is Big Ben and his fro.

  • Scott

    Too large for a half-frame…

  • Rick

    Z! That was awesome!!

  • darren

    holy (come on guys, we know the rules by now…) big z cameo time. HAHAHA.

  • DCBucks

    Lol. Best one yet.

  • Jesse

    Good stuff! Loved the Big Z cameo!

  • browns87fan

    Thats was great except they’re NBA commercials not Gatorade

  • Rick

    Ah yes, thank you.

  • Scott

    Fixed. Thanks for the shoulder punch, B87F

  • browns87fan

    Ha ha, no problem. Love the Blog.