Trade Machine Fun

A few deals that have been discussed are just not possible on the old Trade Machine. For instance, I figured that the best possible solution for the Cavaliers and Bulls would be for the Cavs to trade Eric Snow to Chicago where he would be a player coach. He’d be on IR all season, and then his contract would expire giving the Bulls cap flexibility the following year. In return the Cavaliers would get Kirk Hinrich, helping with the PG situation here, and paving the way for the Bulls to select hometown favorite Derrick Rose as the PG of the future. The Cavs then use the money they have available to keep Daniel Gibson and dangle Damon Jones’ contract out there and see what bites. Sounds like a great plan right? Well you try working that one out in the trade machine…it can’t be done.

The other move that was discussed around here lately was acquiring Toronto’s Jose Calderon. The trade machine is still set up for this current season, and the ‘sign and trade’ type of deal isn’t available. That also cancelled out any fun ideas I had about trading for Allen Iverson. Here then are the deals that I could get to work. Do I think they are plausible? Eh…maybe.

Trade #1- Trying to get Michael Redd


In this scenario the Cavs get Redd and Charlie Villanueva.
I consider this a serious win for the Cavaliers. They get the scorer that they have been looking for in Redd, plus they get a younger version of Joe Smith in the deal. I would be willing to throw in our #1 draft pick and my Travis Hafner bobblehead doll.

Why would the Bucks do this deal? They would get 2 expiring contracts good for almost $18 million dollars, and they would get rid of Redd, who for some reason seems to have fallen out of favor in cheeseland. They could exchange Varejao for Smith if they wanted and I’d be fine with that. You know what? I’d give them Gibson (sign and trade), Szczerbiak and Varejao for these two. Sigh. Pretty sure that means it won’t happen.

Trade #2- Trying to get Steve Nash

Ok, this one is really out there. But it worked for HeyLarryHughesPleaseStopTakingSoManyBadShots so maybe it will work here. Steve Nash is finished. He is washed up. (snicker) With a new coach coming in and a team that has no business pushing the tempo, Steve Nash won’t be half the player he once was. (cough, cough) Better try to get rid of that contract while you can.


Think about it. This deal will help slow down the tempo in Phoenix, and give the Cavaliers a shot at a title before Nash hits the nursing home. (snicker.. cough) I mean Snow can’t even run, what a perfect match for Shaq! Varejao gives you the flopping power you lost when Marion left town. Think about that front court- Shaq, Varejao and Stoudemire. Who in the West could line up and stop that?

Well, that’s all the time we have today for trade machine fun, I’m so bummed because I thought the Snow to the Bulls as a player coach was brilliant! Maybe the Cavs and Bulls can find a way around whatever hurdles are there…I’m not giving up on that one yet!

  • Scott

    ♪♪♪♪ Dreeeeaaammmm Weaver… ♪♪♪♪

  • Anon Imus

    How about Rick for Bill Simmons? WFNY could expand its Boston-slant coverage while ESPN would get cap room relief (making the out-there assumption that you make less than Bill) to attract the next big columnist. I would even throw in Scott for that one. Keep up the great articles!!:P

  • Rick

    What?! Scott and I got traded to ESPN? Do we have to move? Would we have to start rooting for the Yankees and Red Sox?

  • Scott

    ♪♪♪♪… All my bags are packed, I’m ready to gooo… ♪♪♪♪

  • Wil

    You would also have end every article with “SEC speed.”

  • Wil

    If they can somhow just manage to get Michael Redd then I will be overly enthusiastic about next year.

  • Ricky

    Are we allowed to trade this years #1 draft pick? I thought there was a rule that prevented teams from trading their #1 draft pick two years in a row (and if I remember correctly, the rule came to be because of the Cavaliers back in the 70s).

    And I don’t think the Bucks would want to get rid of Villanueva, but who knows, crazy stuff happens when expiring contracts are involved

  • Scott


    And I actually think that CV is for sale thanks to the drafting of Jianlian last season.

  • Dan

    Any way we can trade Wally and Damon Jones for Kobe Bryant?

  • Tim

    Here’s a look back at previous #19 draft picks.
    2007- Javaris Crittenton
    2006-Quincy Douby
    2005-Hakim Warrick
    2004-Darrel Wright
    2003-Sasha Pavlovic
    2002-Ryan Humphrey
    2001-Zach Randolph
    2000-Jamal Magloire
    1999-Quincy Lewis
    Do not go back and look at old drafts, it will absolutely break your heart.

  • Gordo

    Ricky’s right…no trading away #1s in consecutive years. I don’t think that hurts us much, though, given our expiring contract situation. Credit Ferry for that much at least.

    CV would be a great tag-along in any Redd deal. Energetic young guy who can score in the front court. Immediate upgrade over AV.

    How about a deal with the Grizz that involves acquiring Mike Miller and someone like Kyle Lowry, in addition to a bad contract like Brian Cardinal–assuming we can’t get a deal done w/ the Bucks. Miller is a Redd-ish guy, we essentially get a free look at Lowry as a backup PG (he and Conley make for a crowded young PG stable in Mem), and the Grizz get $17mm worth of expiring money.

  • Scott

    Can we draft and trade afterwards? Similar to what the Celtics did with Jeff Green to Seattle last year for Ray Allen?

  • MaimLarry

    How about this baby?


    Ben Wallace
    Anderson Varejao


    Kobe Bryant

    Hey, it worked on trade machine.

  • Ricky

    Here is a good one, but unfortunately can’t be done on trade machine because the player in question can and will opt out of his contract after this year….

    Cavs get
    Baron Davis — 16.4 mil

    Warriors Get
    Wally — 12.2 mil
    Damon Jones — 4.1 mil

    Davis fills our massive need of a PG, he can shoot, drive, and distribute, however there are questions about his age and how well he could be the #2 scoring option. Another good one involves just switching Davis with Shawn Marion. Marion also wants to opt out of his contract to get a long term deal, and I have not heard if Miami wants to be the team that gives it to him. He can play the 2, 3, and a small 4 since he can rebound very well , he can shoot the 3 almost as well as Michael Redd, and he can drive and finish with that annoying little floater of his. Oh, and he is also a very good defender who is quick enough to guard guys like Tony Parker (which he did when he played for the Suns) and long enough to give guys like Kobe problems. He even has the ability to guard the 4, although that would not necessarily ideal. I don’t know if these guys are available, I have to admit I am speculating/wishing. Getting Redd is far more likely, but these guys might be available if their respective teams cannot come to long term contract agreements

    I like the deal for Mike Miller, he isn’t as good as Redd but he is definitely a great shooter and getting Lowry (or maybe Crittenton) gives us a young PG, although I would prefer as I am sure everyone would prefer a PG who is ready now

  • MaimLarry

    OK, how about this one. By the way, this is just pretend.

    Let’s say that LeBron James say that he wants out of Cleveland now and that there is a zero percent chance that the Cavs would re-sign him. So, the Cavs try to find a trade that would get something in return for LeBron. It would be another another blockbuster from Danny Ferry

    LeBron James
    Ben Wallace
    Joe Smith
    Wally Szczerbiak
    Anderson Varejao

    Kobe Bryant
    Pau Gasol
    Andrew Bynum
    Derek Fisher
    Luke Walton
    Vladamir Radmanovic

    Which would make Cleveland’s starters:

    Center: Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    Power Forward: Pau Gasol
    Small Forward: Devin Brown
    Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant
    Point Guard: Derek Fisher

    Back up rotation of: Andrew Bynum (Center), Vladamir Radmanovic (Power Forward), Luke Walton (Small Forward), Delonte West (Shooting Guard), Daniel Gibson (Point Guard)

    One can dream, right?

  • Ricky

    Rick, you were definitely right about that trade being impossible, its because of Hinrich’s BYC or something…but here is the closest I could get…

    would the Bulls do it? Hell no. Besides the point though, I wanted to see if it were even possible

  • SamBfromTN

    Heres one for ya.

    We get Bibby and Richard Hamilton for Snow, Varejao and Wally.

  • Ricky

    Check out what I read on ESPN today from Chad Ford…

    Trade rumors keep coming hot and heavy, though most of them are aren’t worth repeating.

    But here’s one intriguing one I heard today: The Cleveland Cavaliers could trade Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Anderson Varejao and the No. 19 pick to Indiana for Jermaine O’Neal.

    It’s an interesting idea, but when I called team sources to find out if there was any truth to it, they shot it down as bogus.

    Still, I’d watch both teams closely. I think the Pacers will move O’Neal this summer if they can, and I think the Cavs are definitely going to try and strengthen the supporting cast this summer for LeBron’s sake. A healthy O’Neal could be a big boon for the Cavs, and head coach Mike Brown, formerly with the Pacers, should know how to get the best out of him.

    well that certainly is interesting. That trade would also enable us to still go after a Michael Redd since we will still have our boatload of expiring contracts. My beef with it is O’Neal hasn’t been healthy in 2 years if my memory serves me. If Ferry and co are even considering deals such as this, this gives me hope because he is looking at all avenues to try and make this team better

  • Gordo

    trading Z AND AV seems like a big risk to me, especially if it means getting back a guy whose health is in serious question. even if JO can go all 82, our front court depth is murdered by this deal, as the only PF/C’s on the roster then become JO, Smith, and Big Ben. imagine if JO goes down! obviously, we’ll go after other depth, but i can’t see it being much in the way of quality.

    also, aren’t JO’s best days behind him? maybe teaming up with LeBron gives him new life, but i’m not crazy about this. i’m also not crazy about sending Z and AV to an in-division rival.

  • Rick

    That O’Neal deal is not an option in my book. You’re going to use O’Neal (assuming he’s healthy- bug assumption) at Center and Big Ben (assuming he’s healthy…and doesn’t completely suck) at PF, that makes us undersized. Not really an option to me.

  • Ricky

    I mostly agree, I just like how Ferry is not just thinking about the expiring contracts we have but instead is looking at the roster as a whole. It seems to me that nobody outside of Lebron (or Big Ben, since he is useless) is a lock to be on this team next year

  • Gordo

    Ricky, i hear what you’re saying, but i feel like you’re giving Ferry credit for simply doing his job. he should be exploring all options at all times, not getting praise for looking outside of the expiring contracts. maybe that’s more of a commentary on how low the bar has been set w/ Cavs leadership…

    i’d venture to say that LeBron, Wallace and Z will all be on the squad next year…given that the last 2 have pretty untradable contracts until 2009/10 (when they both expire), considering their ages and levels of production.

    one final prediction: LeBron exercises his player option to stay through 2010/11 to see how life with Mike Miller and (insert potential All-Star name here), who we’ll get through trading Z and/or Wallace in 2009/10, goes. after that, obviously, it’s anybody’s guess.

  • Wil

    here we go with some 4 team trade magic:

    let’s start with the Anderson Varejao & Wally Szczerbiak to the Milwaukee for Charlie Villanueva and Michael Redd

    then we’ll send Joe Smith and Damon Jones to Dallas for Jason Terry

    next we send Eric Snow to Memphis for Kyle Lowry (Obtained with a trade exception) and Darko Milicic

    Cav’s new starting line up:

    PG Jason Terry
    SG Michael Redd
    SF Lebron James
    PF Charlie Villanueva
    C Zydrunas Ilgauskas

    the bench:

    PG Kyle Lowry and Delonte West
    SG Sasha Pavlovic and Daniel Gibson
    SF Devin Brown and CDR (drafted)
    PF Ben Wallace
    C Darko Milicic

    this isn’t horribly unreasonable either, every player we are sending out has expiring contracts to free up room for the other teams. We are taking on the 4 year contract from Redd, the four year contract of Jason Terry, and the 3 year contract of Darko Milicic

    the bad……we would be pretty much stuck with this lineup for the next few years as we’ve dished out any high dollar expiring contracts that we had…
    and taking on Darko Milicic scares me…but you have to hope that he can learn from Big Z …..

    the good…..drastic changes need to be made and this is about as drastic as you can get! This would also fill the PG spot and give you a young PF and Center that you can hope to develop making it very easy to draft CDR as a 2-3 guy that can rotate in just incase you can’t get a deal worked out with Daniel Gibson and/or Delonte West or (even though I hate saying it) a “draft on potential” guy such as Kosta Koufos

    and yes this does work in the trade machine

  • Wil

    It also leaves you free to draft Ty Lawson if you are worried about Jason Terry’s age…..anyway you look at it the above mentioned scenario gives you solid veteran’s AND young guys to develop into your system and hope they can live up to their potential……and it’s not horrifically unreasonable

  • Gordo

    Wil, one reason that trade scenario is ridiculous is b/c the 2009/10 salary number comes out to something close to $100mm if all those deals could get done. Gilbert has been pretty clear about his reluctance to fly through the salary cap, and i can’t imagine him being willing to pay $100mm in salary, plus the $-for-$ luxury tax. also, getting all those trades done would be pretty much impossible in one offseason…let’s be serious.

  • Wil

    Haha! I didn’t say that I actually thought it would happen. I thought this was just for fun so I was throwing trade’s out that other teams would actually consider……..rather than the Ben Wallace for Kobe trades…however in no way do I think any of that would go down.

    Personally I think we’ll be luckiy if the cav’s do much of anything this offseason. Getting a Michael Redd type guy would be a “best case scenario.”
    Other than that I see the Cav’s doing absolutely nothing and being content with waiting 1 more year til all their high dollar contracts expire and then go free agent shopping in the ’09 offseason.

  • Gordo

    fair enough, Wil! it is fun to think about the possiblities sometimes…but then we get dragged back to Earth by one word: “Ferry”

    i say we end up with Mike Miller this offseason. thoughts?

  • Wil

    It would be an improvement, so I’m all for it….only problem is that Memphis is one of the few teams under the salary cap so I’m not sure how interested they would be in picking up dead wait to free up cap space. I actually think Milwaukee would be more likely to want to free up some room.

  • Ricky

    Redd is more likely than Miller, because he is probably going to be actively shopped with the Bucks having a new GM and wanting to start over and all that.

  • Drew

    MIKE MILLER!!!!! That’s what i’ve been saying all along. He’s the PERFECT complement to James. He never goes inside, he’s one of the best mid-range shooters in the NBA, and he’s IN HIS PRIME! If he can’t convince James to stay, no one in the Cavs reach will.

  • Cody

    Ha…ha….just reading these comments now makes life worth living.