Which Side Are You On?


Rock’s excellent recap of yesterday’s action leads us all to the next question: Who will you be rooting for come the Eastern Conference Finals?  Yes, we all think that Detroit will tear Boston apart, but hoping for that to happen is another thing.

Each team has it’s pros and cons. Let’t take a quick look…

Boston Celtics:


– Would provide a more exciting match-up than the dreaded Detroit/San Antonio
– Haven’t been to the Finals in a larger span of time than the Pistons
– Honestly, Kevin Garnett probably deserves a ring
– They’re not our main rivals


– Duh.  They just beat us.
– They’re the favorites.  Who doesn’t like a good upset?
– Boston. The last thing Boston deserves is another championship
– Bill Simmons columns in green font would not be out of the realm of possibility

Detroit Pistons:


– They’re not from Boston (that should be enough on its own, but…)
– The irony in the fact that they win after Chris Webber leaves
– Kind of like rooting for the Big Ten during non-conference games
– Could end the insufferable “League of Clutch” commercials


– Weren’t they just there?
– It would be a lot of fun to see them lose another conference final
– It would be like rooting for the Steelers in last season’s NFL playoffs
– Another possible round of that annoying home-court announcer

I’m sure there are plenty more.  Leave them in the comments along with who, if anyone, you’ll be pulling for over the next two weeks.

  • DCBucks

    I’m so totally sick of Bawston and their fans. Nobody in DC wore Bawston hats until they won the Series. Now everyone and their dog wears a Bawston cap. I still have my Tribe cap from the early 80s “Let’s go Charbeneau!” I’ll be rooting for the Western Conf. Champs.

  • darren

    hornets. lesser of 4 evils. i wouldnt even consider them evil.

    lets go hornets.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    talk about taking the easy way out!

  • Jesse

    I’m with Darren, if the Hornets lose tonight I am done watching basketball for the year.

  • Kevin

    ANYONE but Boston… I don’t hate the Pistons or Detroit nearly as much!!

  • CJG

    I’m a believer there is a serious major-market bias in ESPN, so I would root for Pistons or Hornets (and if they both goto the finals, then its the Hornets, who I actually like alot). There is alot more to America than a couple cities, ESPN. I really want to see alot more teams that historically haven’t been all the way and are not from the sexy places ESPN drools over (like, ahem, Cleveland) get to those championships.

  • CJG

    …and on that same note I would’ve prefered a Cleveland-New Orleans match up in the Finals. It could’ve been dubbed “Battle of the Cities America Forgot About.”

  • JOHN

    The NBA is so over for me. I was only mildly interested because the Cavs were competing. I despise the NBA . . . all pro sports have their share of whiny, spoiled, over-privileged thugs (ok, so that statement is redundant), but the percentage in the NBA makes it hard to respect any of these athletes. So I am more than content with baseball until Football season rolls around.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    I’m 1000000% rooting for Detroit. Frankly, I’ve seen Detroit win a title recently, and so I could handle them winning another. The last thing I want to see it Boston celebrating another Championship. Call me a sore loser or whatever, I don’t care. That city has won 5 championships in the last 10 years, so they don’t need another one.

  • mendy

    when it comes down to 2 teams i hate i go with the fans. as in, “who’s fans do i hate the most?” this is an easy one.

    i can’t watch boston win again. i just can’t do it. and i don’t even mind bill simmons. just look at this picture (http://media.ohio.com/images/Game+7+ALCS_20.jpg) and tell me you want those people to be happy…again.

  • http://pronkneedsyou.blogspot.com/ woodsmeister

    I’m rooting for a hard-fought, foul-plagued series, with lots of flagrant fouls and lots of suspensions where they beat each other so senseless that the winner gets clobbered by whoever wins the Western Conference simply because they are so exhausted both physically and mentally.

    I’m rooting for Rasheed Wallace to get kicked out of at least 1 game after he’s guaranSheed victory.

    I’m rooting for Paul Pierce to get completely and utterly shut down in all 7 games so that smirk gets wiped off his face.

    I’m rooting for Boston to lose at least one game at home by a large margin, two if possible, so that Celtics fans walk out of that arena thoroughly crushed and humiliated.

  • Dan

    isn’t Boston’s PA announcer equally bad -if not worse than Detroit’s? Atleast Detroit’s guy has a personality; Boston’s guy sounds like he is doing a bad impression as to what everyone thinks a PA Announcer should sound like. Rajoonnnn Rondooooooooooo for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Eli

    I’m with DCBucks on this one. I can’t stand everyone and their friend sporten’ the big red B because its the “in thing”. Being one of 4 people wearing the Cleveland Browns hoodie in the city is rough.

    I’d like the Hornets because LA can kiss my ass and I hate both the Pistons and I hate the Boston wannabe fans that are everywhere. Next time I see one of those guys, I’m going to give them the “infield fly rule” test.

  • darren

    “Next time I see one of those guys, I’m going to give them the “infield fly rule” test.”

    please do explain.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    I’m going to spend those hours with my family or watching the Indians. Just like last year’s World Series, which I didn’t see a minute of, I could care less who wins now. (Although it would be poetic for the Celtics to get out of the East and lose…)

  • Eli

    Easily the most complex rule in baseball, an actual fan can typically be separated from the posers by their ability to explain at least 2/3 of the infield fly rule on the spot. Exceptions to the level of correctness can be made based on beers consumed. Any argument over how close to the 2/3 mark someone has reached can be decided by the guy wearing the oldest baseball hat/shirt at the bar. If no such figure can be found, a hot dog eating contest is then held.

  • Tim

    “Next time I see one of those guys, I’m going to give them the “infield fly rule” test.” please do explain

    Last October, I had a Red Sox bandwagon jumper come into my office, look at the TV, see a 2-1 count on the hitter and say, “Wow, 2 strikes and 1 ball.”

    Go Pistons, for the love of The Rust Belt.

  • http://www.dbuu.com buu

    uh yeah. hornets.
    nobody thought theyd make it this far and chris paul is out of control. it would also be nice to them take out both the spurs AND the lakers.
    i could care less about the eastern conference now.

  • Drew

    Go Hornets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SamBfromTN

    I would root for either the spurs (even after last years finals) or the hornets. I wont watch a finals that has any combo of kobe, boston or a major cleveland sports rival. It just wont be happening.

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  • MacNip

    Not sure what team I want. Both fan bases are equally annoying (people just forget how ridiculous Piston fans are because we didn’t play them in the playoffs).

    Honestly, I won’t be watching this series but I think Detroit takes the series in 6, possibly 5. Boston is tired. Detroit’s defense is going to be great. Tayshaun will give PP fits. Rasheed can body up on KG and Ray Allen is playing terrible. Boston matches up well on defense as well outside of Ray Allen on Rip Hamilton. I think Hamilton himself may win this series for Detroit.