Red Sox/Rays Fight: That Didn’t Take Long

This pretty much speaks for itself. The game isn’t even over yet, and we have the video…


We knew it wouldn’t take long for this to go down. Watch Carl Crawford, and remember that he ran in from the outfield and still beat about half of the Red Sox to the mound. That speed comes in handy.

Again, Crisp doesn’t exactly downplay the fact that he was to blame for last night’s issues, and you have to wonder if things would have been different if not for being in Boston. It’s tough to jeopardize an outing for James Shields, but it’s a team game.


  • Bobby

    Sheilds is on my Fantasy team….Damn!

  • Rick

    You should get some kind of bonus in fantasy for that one…

  • I’m Ron Burgundy?

    Coco’s let the chowdah get to his head.

    All in all not the best brawl. Not sure what the Sox fans were cheering about… Coco got the better part of the pounding from the Rays team.

    Give me Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura any day of the week.

  • mendy

    “You should get some kind of bonus in fantasy for that one…”
    haha, agreed.

    scott, i know you said its tough to throw the term “thug” at coco, but after the last 2 days i can’t NOT. who does cereal man think he is? 2 bush league slides into second, he should have fully expected that pitch (below the belt btw, its not like shields aimed high). he should have taken the base and tried to score, getting the last laugh at home plate

  • Eli

    They hit him in the thigh. That’s about closest thing you can get to a “slap on the wrist” when you are trying to throw at a guy in baseball. I’m glad the catcher gave him a nice neck takedown for his trouble.

  • Ricky

    First off, that was AWESOME. Coco got thrown to the ground and got wailed on my 3 Rays, thats just brutal and awesome. I don’t know why he was mad, he should have been happy to be getting on base

    Its obvious Shields has never seen Bull Durham…never punch with your pitching hand!

  • Michael

    Shields gets a shot in before Navarro took him down and gomes raped him….bottom line is BOSTON SUCKS