2009 Spring Training Begins…


Hey Jeremy, don’t be mad at Miguel. You threw that crap ball. 

Tigers 9, Indians 2 (Box)

Jeremy Sowers served up at least four pitches over the heart of the plate, and two of them went for homers as the Tribe got pounded by the Tigers. Literally taking Sabathia’s place in the rotation, Sowers made way too many mistakes in the strike zone. He simply doesn’t have the velocity to make those types of errors. If you are looking for a bright side…well he didn’t walk anyone. Reliever Brian Slocum gave up two solo homers himself in his second appearance of the year.

What was probably most disturbing is that the Indians managed only 2 hits in the game. Both of them came in the first inning when Casey Blake doubled and Peralta followed with a home run. Speaking of Casey Blake, he was at third base for the game. Were you surprised not to see Andy Marte out there again? Many fans and some media have said let Marte play the rest of the year and see if the kid has anything. He did play the Minnesota series, and so I was half expecting him to be in there as well. It probably was the right call though. That clubhouse is reeling as it is, and Blake is your top RBI man. Now, he could DH instead of Dellucci, but that’s another argument altogether I suppose.

Meanwhile in games that matter, the Crooked Cap took the mound for the first time in Brewers uniform. The sellout crowd was electric and the pressure on Sabathia to perform was high. It should come as no surprise to Indians fans that Sabathia struggled a little with his command given those circumstances. CC (see no periods anymore, he forgot to pack them) walked 5, but struck out 5 and worked his way out of a couple jams to get the win in his debut. Congrats CC. Does this mean we are pulling for the Brewers now?

In other Tribe news- Scott Elarton, who had asked to leave the team for personal reasons, was moved to the DL for a “non-baseball medical condition.” I wouldn’t even want to speculate what that might be. To take his spot on the roster the Indians called up former Twin Juan Rincon from Buffalo.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    that two-strike, 79 mph hanger that Slocum threw Pudge was one of the biggest meatballs I’ve ever seen. Even worse than the one Masa threw Dunn during the first interleague series…

  • draftnik1

    “Does this mean we are pulling for the Brewers now?”

    I know I will be pulling for them every fifth day.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    I’m totally rooting for the Brewers now. Until CC signs with the Yanks or Red Sux or White Sux or Tigers I will root for him.

  • Matt in Lyndhurst

    I know I’m about to state the obvious, but why in the hell is Dellucci still batting DH, or playing at all for that matter? This is embarrassing.

  • Matt in Lyndhurst

    Put me on the list of Brewer fans. They’ll be my team to pull for in the NL. I still hold affection for that city for offering us their field to play in while ours was covered with snow early last year. That city even put a pretty decent crowd of fans into the seats and it “almost” felt like a real home game.

    Go Brew-Crew….

  • Zach

    Ouch. Tribe is hard to stomach anymore :(. However, I gotta say I’m kinda bumming that you guys haven’t done an post on the Gladiators upset win on Monday…They are playing for a conference championship, and I know its not one of the big teams, but its still exciting to watch and follow…at least more than our other ‘fake’ playoff runs like indoor soccer

  • LaundroMat

    I echo a lot of the sentiments above:

    Dellucci is a waste of a spot in the lineup. In fact, I would say unequivocally that he is only worth using in games taking place in Arlington, TX.

    Giving Marte consistent playing time by putting Blake at DH or first base (with Garko DH’ing, I guess) would make much more sense.

    Milwaukee is a fine city with a fan base with whom we can identify (they haven’t seen the playoffs since the days of Paul Molitor), and they showed us good will by letting us play on their field and by dealing their most prized prospect to us. Why not root for them?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    Zach- I hear you on the Gladiators…unfortunately I don’t think any of us watched the game. In fact, I haven’t caught a single Gladiators game yet.

  • Tyler

    David Dellucci = Joke

    Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. After being a die-hard Cleveland fan my entire life, I don’t even know what to do now. Although I did happen to watch the Gladiators. It’s nice to see some kind of winning in Cleveland this summer.

    And yes, Go Brewers.
    And go Gladiators!