As If You Didn’t See This Coming…

Joe Jurevicius, Braylon EdwardsI’ll cut to the chase here.  From the Browns official site:

In the process of his recovery and preparation for the upcoming season, Browns wide receiver Joe Jurevicius has had ongoing swelling and discomfort in his knee. Joe had a further clean out to help him in his recovery and control his symptoms. The procedure was performed late yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic. No determination has been made on Joe’s status for training camp, which opens July 23rd.

So much for his declaration of being “alright” not all that long ago.  Rotoworld says that there’s a chance that Joe J doesn’t return at all, which seems a bit outlandish at this stage.  But it sure does make the evolution of Travis Wilson that much more important now, eh?


  • FilteringCraig

    I am waiting to see the word Staph again. I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy, but it seems like Staph just haunts this team.