Blake to Dodgers?

From Anthony Castrovince’s MLB Blog:

Blake is expected to go to Los Angeles in exchange for Triple-A right-hander Jon Meloan and Class A catcher Carlos Santana (no, not the guitar player). This deal is not yet official but could be in a matter of hours.

Stay tuned…

  • Ricky

    Even if neither of these guys pan out, I am glad we got somebody for Blake. Now we can give Marte the rest of the year to show what he can do and maybe when Barfield comes back we can put Peralta at DH for a bit. I am also kind of glad we got a catcher, even though he is in single A he is pretty good and if we move Martinez to first, after Shoppach we don’t really have anything

  • Hoy

    A right handed prospect is cool but isn’t that what we got in Laporte? i’ve kind of given up on the tribe for the year but isn’t finding bullpen potential the goal now?