Brett Favre- Just Say No

favrerodgers2.jpgLook I’m a Cleveland fan, and so as the saying goes, I don’t have a dog in this fight. (Oh, sorry Atlanta fans…) But this whole Brett Favre thing is just ridiculous.

I’m watching Chris Carter make a fool out of himself on ESPN. I’m a Buckeye fan, so I have nothing but love for you Chris, but what you said about Brett Favre makes no sense. Carter said that Favre made a mistake by announcing his decision to retire too early. He said in March your body is beat up and you aren’t thinking right about whether or not you want to play again. He said Favre should have waited until after the draft to make up his mind.

Yeah. Like every year since 2005. That way the Packers could go through free agency and the draft without knowing if they were going with Favre or Rodgers. That’s a brilliant plan Chris. Works out real well…for Brett Favre.

I was thrilled that Favre didn’t drag this out for 6 months like he usually does. Made sense to me. Give the organization a chance to map out an off-season strategy. For once Favre was being a team player. Unlike the chilly reception, and no mentoring he has given to his back-up QB’s through the years.

But I suppose Chris was just keeping the company line. I mean, everywhere you look on air, or on the website ESPN is begging Brett Favre to come back. Why? Because it’s best for the Packers? No, because it is best for programming. Look at these comments, the first one is from Gene Wojciechowski

Thompson ought to be in Hattiesburg, Miss., right now, asking … no, begging Favre to return. Whatever it takes — ride shotgun on Favre’s tractor, wear Wrangler jeans, spring for the worms at the local bait and tackle store — Thompson should do it.

This can’t be about agendas, egos, strategic plans, salary caps or Rodgers. If Favre had done what everyone expected him to do earlier this year — announce he was coming back in 2009 — Rodgers still would be on the bench. And anyway, if the Packers are so thrilled with Rodgers’ potential, why exactly did they draft Brian Brohm in the second round and Matt Flynn in the seventh?

WHAT? This isn’t about ego!?!? This is absolutely about the biggest ego on that team- Brett Favre! Yes, Rodgers would still be the second string QB if Favre had announced he was returning. AND THEY WOULDN’T HAVE WASTED TWO DRAFT PICKS! Why did they draft Brohm and Flynn? How about depth? How about the idea that teams are trying to have two good QB’s instead of just one because QB’s usually get hurt. I know Favre and his ego don’t take weeks off…

D.J. Gallo makes light of the situation, but as with most comedy there is a lot of truth to it-

This is your career you are pondering. Don’t rush the decision. Week 1 of the NFL season is still two months away. And it would be fitting if Aaron Rodgers takes the field as the starter on Sept. 8, only to have you appear out of nowhere and tap him on the shoulder as he stands in the huddle before the first snap: “I’ll take it from here, young man. Scram.”Plus, if you make your decision in the next few days, what are we in the media going to do between now and September? Provide thoughtful baseball analysis? Absurd!

Never leave us, Brett! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Really Brett, How could you quit us?

Enough of this already. Is Brett Favre bigger than the game? Is he bigger than the Packers? I don’t care how many records the man has, this is still a team game. How about you act like a Packer instead of a whiny child who changed his mind. And ESPN? How about you try and cover this story with some kind of professional distance.

  • Jeremy

    Favre’s a jerk.

    Screw him.

    If the Browns weren’t going to be so good in it, I’d avoid Madden 09 for the sheer force of the EA Favregasm.

  • Scott

    i cant wait for the post about dilfer when he comes out of retirement :)

  • Adam

    @Scott: If Dilfer announces his return from retirement and no one notices, did he actually un-retire?

    I can’t stand Farve. He made terrible decisions for 3 seasons before somehow not gunslinging games away last year (until the playoffs anyways). He gets praised for his love of the game, but doesn’t do what’s best for his team, basically ever. Kinda sounds like Hughes doesn’t it?

  • I’m Ron Burgundy?

    @Adam: If Dilfer announces his retirement in the middle of the forest, and nobody hears, does he make a sound?

    I’m so glad that the Browns don’t have to deal with anything like this. Hell, I’m so glad that the Redskins don’t have this going on because then I’d have to talk to some illiterate dumbass at every street corner asking me about whether or not I think Jason Campbell is coming back. It’s absurdly selfish and egotistical for Favre to think that his deciding out of the blue to come back is best for anybody but himself. If he really wants to be around football I’m sure he’d be a hell of a (mechanical) QB coach. Just get a second coach to teach when receivers are open and when they aren’t.

  • MacNip

    I am all for media speculation about Favre, I say he drags this out for as long as possible. It keeps me from hearing about Red Sox Nation, Joba and Lebron leaving Cleveland

  • B-bo

    Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if the player in this scenario were T.O. or Ocho Stinko? The folks in Bristol would be tripping over each other trying to be the most vocal to rip the guy as “selfish”, “narcissistic”, trying to be “bigger than the game”………I think Mark Schlereth’s head might explode on-air! But when it comes to Teflon Brett? Not a word of opposition from a single ESPN talking head (not that I’ve seen, at least). In fact, SportsCenter had a poll a night or two ago asking something to the effect of “If Brett Favre does want to come back, should the Packers take him?”. The majority (like 60/40 or close to it) said “no”……and the anchors were stunned!

    Yet another example of how the “Worldwide Leader”* has moved out of the realm of sport to that of speculation and tabloidism. Thank goodness for places like this where the focus can be where it should be (sports)–and not where it shouldn’t (A-Rod and Kabbalah-gate).

    *-Please note: for ESPN purposes, “the world” includes the area between Boston, MA and Washington, D.C.

  • SambofromOH

    I dont have the same disgust towards Farve that you all have. Maybe that is because I was 12ish when Modell left for Baltimore, so I had a bad taste for football until about 4 years ago.

    I am not sure that Farve will come back just for the sake of playing like ESPN seems to think. I have the feeling that he would like to but wants to know if there is still a place for him at Green Bay. They probably will say ‘not really’ and he will remain at home. Lets all give ESPN a great big round of applause for blowing a story out of proportion and making stuff up to get more ratings.

  • Jake

    As a Wisconsinite and die hard Packers/Favre fan, I couldn’t agree w/ this post more. We’ve all loved Brett Favre as long as we can remember. He’s a class guy, but the shenanigans that have been involved EVERY OFF SEASON for FOUR YEARS now has gotten absolutely ridiculous. Of course he has an ‘itch’ to come back. He’s played football for 17 years?!

    The real problem is what the Packers will do if Favre decides he ‘wants’ to come back. To trade him is insane, and to keep him even more so. As much as I love the man, he needs to fade away into the Mississippi sun and give Rodgers, and the Packers, a chance.

  • Scott

    Say he is traded. Then, do we have to go through all of this nonsense again when he asks to be traded back to Green Bay, only so he can “retire a Packer?”

  • AlexWesterh

    All I know is that nobody out side Green Bay could care less about the Packers and Farve. With that said, I really don’t know why ESSPN is making such a big deal out of his possible return. I mean, on OTL:First Report, they spent 5 WHOLE minutes, with FOUR

  • AlexWesterh

    whole people actually debating why he sent a text message and not a call. I mean, seriously? Then they ere talking about emotional reasons, BS maybe he just felt like texting. Anyone else see this garbage or was it just me? You would think they could find something more important to talk about.