Thank You, Harold Cribbs

Is there a more exciting player on this current Browns team than Joshua Cribbs?  Sure, Braylon Edwards can haul in long passes and make incredible catches.  Kamerion Wimbley is in on nearly every play from a defensive standpoint, often chasing down running backs from behind.  But each time the ball is in Cribbs’ hands, all 11 men are gunning to bring him down – something that you can’t really say about the others. 

James Walker, formerly of the Columbus Dispatch and now of, had the chance to sit down with Cribbs to discuss last season as well as the upcoming.  Obviously, the fact that Cribbs was a local school quarterback and went undrafted to then play in the Pro Bowl is a captivating story in itself.  But when we drill down even deeper, it turns out that Cribbs places all of his “thanks” on his brother, Harold, for making him who he is today.

There is a secret to Cribbs’ success that traces deep into his childhood. The catalyst is Harold Cribbs, Joshua’s older brother. 

Harold was the star athlete in the family before Joshua had a chance to be. The younger brother always followed the older brother to his games and at age six, Harold began introducing Joshua to football the hard way — through blood, bruises and scrapes.

“We used to play football on concrete, and he used to hit me hard, knock me into the bushes and had me crying,” Joshua Cribbs said. “Then he’d keep me quiet so he won’t get in trouble for doing it. My brother made me tougher and I love him for that. Without the hard work he instilled upon me, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Perhaps this is why I am not a Pro-Bowl return man in the NFL?  If I only had an older brother…

But in all seriousness, Cribbs’ shear desire to play the game has made him what he is today.  There have been rumors of his increased roll in the offense, and this has many fans simply salivating.  One thing that often gets overlooked is his impact on the otherside of special teams by recording 20 tackles just last season.  That’s what… 19 more than Deion Sanders?  An every-down player for how long? 

All I know is that there will be a lot more #16 jerseys around Browns Stadium this season, and justfiably so.

From Raw Free Agent… [ESPN]

  • Cpl_yuk

    Thats why I wear the Orange and Brown 16 !!!! ..

    (and I know him from Algebra, but you guys are getting tired of hearing that story)

    Salivating. Great word. I cant wait to see him on the field more and always get excited when I see him moving around in the backfield.

    o0o Yeah. Thanks Harold!

  • Viper

    As a KSU alum during Cribbs’ days, I’ve always been proud and a fan of his accomplishments.

    His speed and tackling skills make me wonder what he might offer as an option at corner back. Just imagine a team’s offense trying to tackle him when he snagged one.

    BTW-you guys to do great stuff.

  • Scott

    Thanks for the kind words, Viper.

  • Bobby O’Brien

    I would buy his jersey, but I have a jersey curse…Tim couch, Jeff Garcia, William Green, and K2 (Bought Pre-Injuries). Other than the Browns one’s I have a Blank Tribe one, LeBron (Ok not cursed) and a Ben Sheets (Bought in 2003). Last year I wore a personalized one and we go 10-6…Think I’m sticking with that.

  • Scott

    Get this guy a Roethlisberger jersey…stat!

  • Hoy

    The browns should consider hiring Harold Cribbs as part of the training staff. I could see the job offer going something like this:

    “Mr. Cribbs, we here at the Cleveland Browns are always looking for innovative new training techniques. However, it seems we’ve overlooked the tried and true method of ‘breaking a foot off in someone’s ass’ on occasion. This is where you come in. We would of course furnish you with the finest boots available for the breaking off of said foot and would allow you to bury a boot in Brady Quinn’s ass as much as you like (little known fact: this was a clause worked into Anderson’s new contract). To sweeten the deal we’ve decided to add a concrete field to the practice facility so you can train em like the good ‘ol days”