Training Camp: A Photographical Recap

Rick and I decided to venture to Berea yesterday to take in some of our Browns during their evening practice.  While Rick’s recap will go up some time over the next day or so, I’ll present my view of things – a view that will have significantly less analysis, but way more pictures.  Do Enjoy


Behold, your offensive line doing its best to protect DA from a seemingly faster Kamerion Wimbley (far right) and an absolutely gigantic Shaun Rogers (huge guy on left, brown shorts).  Honestly, I love that they’re forcing our O-Line to block guys of all shapes and sizes as opposed to the “round” and “slow” that our D-Line has given them over the years.

Speaking of Rogers, here’s another chance to tell you that he’s an absolute monster.  There have been several reports already in that Eric Steinbach has had some difficulty keeping the big man at bay.  This should speak volumes for Rogers being that Steinbach is one hell of a guard.  Shaun Smith is 6’2″, 325.  Now compare him to Rogers who is immediately to his right.  Yeah, you try blocking that.  He makes Antwan Peek look like Dennis Northcutt.

And while we’re on “big,” Travis Wilson is a lot bigger than I remember.  At first, this was just a cool picture due to the number sequence.  Then afterwards, I was a bit blown away by how much bigger he is than the Stallworths and Edwards’ of the world.  He really looks like a slightly smaller Kellen Winslow, without the arm sleeves.  Paul Hubbard is also a monster – I would really like having him as a red zone threat this season.

Not as large, but more impressive on the field is Joshua Cribbs.  The fans simply love the guy, and while he had a bit of a rough start on the special teams front this season, the offense is running him in plenty of sets.  His routes look a lot crisper than previous seasons, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few plays called in his direction this year.  If they have Jamal Lewis throwing passes, you can bet JC will get his hands on the ball on more than one ocassion.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Brady Quinn.  Though he hasn’t been exactly on the same level as DA, he has had a few flashes of brilliance – especially with Travis Wilson and Jerome Harrison.  I personally would like to see him at least get a few reps with the first team, just to build some sort of repoire.  I also think it’s very generous of the team to give Ken Dorsey a helmet, though I didn’t manage to get any pictures of him wearing it.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention two other people that I just happened to come across.  The first?  Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot…

And second…Eric Metcalf.

In non-surprising fashion, Mr. Metcalf was walking right up the middle and directly at another man coming the other way.  Old habits die hard, eh?

  • Fred

    Its nice to read something that is nice but not over-hyping the team fueling the national media monster. I am looking forward to a solid team instead of a lucky team for a change.

  • Hoy

    Brady will get plenty of chances to show how far (or little) hes improved since last year. Since DA is the undisputed starter I imagine BQ will get a ton of pre-season time, both to see what he can do with the 1st and 2nd teams and to showcase him to other teams if DA comes out playing like the monster that Cleveland hopes he is.

    The downside is that every time Brady has a decent pre-season game ESPN is gonna jump all over his sack and start discussing a non-existent QB controversy.

    No Tim Couch sightings?


  • SambofromOH

    Dont worry Hoy, I was there Monday morning and Couch was there too. Well only there were two of him walking around. I was/am so confused.

  • Scott

    Hoy – I did spot a Charlie Frye, but no picture. Plenty of Pro Bowl jerseys as well. You’d think we hadn’t had a Pro Bowler in about a decade…

  • Bobby

    Very Nice Metcalf caption haha

  • Mark

    Metcalf up the middle! That Belichick is/was a genius!

    Totally forget how big a dude Travis Wilson is. He may not replace JJ’s hands, but he has the size down.

    I thought Mary Kay looked pretty good on Cold Pizza the other day…was that TV magic and makeup or is she actually pretty attractive?

  • S-Dub

    I was at practice this same day as you. Except, I was able to be on the family and friends side of the fields where the defensive guys were practicing. Kamerion and Rogers are two of the biggest human beings I have ever seen. Our O-line Vs. D-line was good to watch. And the D-line was giving our Starters some trouble so that bodes well for us. Also I noticed that Beau Bell looked a little slow and plump. But, it’s the first week of camp and as long as he can play then I don’t care.

    Go Browns!!!!

  • Gabriel

    Man! I cannot wait to see what our D-line can do in a real game. i just picture Rogers and Williams swallowing running backs and punching holes in the O-line for Wimbley to slaughter the opposing quarterback. i want to see the other teams’ quarterbacks and running backs turn into a shooting gallery for our defense. I can’t wait to see our first sequence of downs with multiple tackles for a loss of yards. imagine how insane browns stadium will be after two sacks in a row.

  • Nicko

    As long as stretchers aren’t in these pictures, I like ’em.

  • kiddicus maximus

    can you photograph a cloud of staph? or do they not give you access to the treatment facilities…

    really though, those are some big/quick D-lineman. this season should be fun.

  • draftnik1

    @kid, the training room is located next to the coin flip room. Here’s hoping neither is used much this year.

  • draftnik1

    Also, I was wondering if Anderson stepped up into that delicious pocket his line created for him, or did he try to force it 20 yards downfield to someone who was double covered?

    I really have to get over my love for Brady Quinn. It’s not healthy.

    Don’t be fooled by the Stallworth height illusion. If he’s 5’10”, I’d be surprised. I am pleased to hear nearly nothing bad about Wilson this year. He’s always caught everything thrown to him, it’s just his inability to actually line up where he’s supposed to that’s kept him off the field.

    Whoever the last WR cut is, is going to be more talented than anyone we had on the 1999 team, including KJ. That’s progress (or a statement about how bad the 1999 team was, I can’t decide).

  • Rick

    draftnik- Go to a practice and see who you want to be your QB. Seriously, Quinn looked like garbage Monday night.

  • DP

    The happiest guy on defense has to be Wimbley. That speed move is going to DESTROY teams, since there will no longer be a HUGE pocket for the QB to step into to avoid it, since Rogers and Williams (and let’s not forget Shaun Smith, either, who is never late to dinner and came on strong last year) will be there every passing play instead of getting pushed back 4 yards. It makes me wonder how I lived through watching Simon Fraser play on our d-line for so long. I also can’t wait to see what Antwan Peek can bring to the table if he’s healthy. He was a beast in pre-season last year until he hurt his ankle, which apparently never healed quite right all season.

    Finally, I’m hopeful that the improved D-line will mean that we won’t have to see our CBs play 15 yards off on 3rd and 4 to avoid giving up the big play anymore. Grantham’s “bend but don’t break” crap gave me an ulcer…

  • meka

    nice pics thanks for keeping us updated