Even When We Lose, We Win

From the front page of today’s Cleveland.com Sports section:

They sure do know how to make things seem not-so bad, eh?

  • http://cle.scout.com BDMc

    Very clever move, redirecting Browns fans from despair to fond almost-relevant memories. That’s why the Plain Dealer is what it is.

    We’re trying to up our game as well at the OBR. We decided last night that the only appropriate photo from the game was this one:


    It’s important to bring fans a clear sense of proportion. In this case, associating a bad pre-season game with one of the worst aeronautical accidents in history.

    You don’t get that sort of canny insight from ESPN.

    Oh, wait. Yes you do. But only if Brett Favre is involved.

    – Barry

  • http://www.dawgsbynature.com/ ChrisPokorny

    The best I came up with was “We Need Help Over Here”, with Hank Fraley calling for the trainers while Anderson lays on his back.

    Nice catch Scott…just too funny reading that…

    I thought about making a picture with brown pants on fire, but my photoshop skills aren’t savy enough 😉

  • CJG

    Brett who?

  • http://justrubsomesugaronit.blogspot.com I’m Ron Burgundy?

    Did someone say Brett Farve?! Drink…

  • kiddicus maximus

    @Ron –

    I’m employing your Brett Favre Drinking Game for the rest of my life. If when I slip into an alcohol-induced coma, blame ESPN.

  • http://justrubsomesugaronit.blogspot.com I’m Ron Burgundy?


    I hear Chris Mortenson has the stomach pump primed and ready.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    Seriously…drinking game?