Romeo Crennel on Ty Law


Per Marla Ridenour of the ABJ:

”We are serious about everybody we consider and I think Ty is a consideration,” Crennel said. ”Only time will tell with that one. There are a lot of things that go into it, what we think about the guys we have and things like that. Sometimes finances get involved. So you just take each situation differently and day by day and see.”

Sometimes, finanaces get involved?  As a fan of the NFL, I assumed that finanaces are always involved when you’re making free agent acquisitions.  Especially one that appears to want a considerable amount of money.  While we continue to lament over a possible addition to the Browns defense, there are a few things that worry me about the quote above.

One, Law is 34-years old.  We have just over $9 million in cap space for this season, and while I am unsure of how much Law is asking for, if this number can’t get it done there shouldn’t even be discussions going on at this point. 

Sure, Law was excellent in New England.  But don’t forget that those days are three years in the rear view mirror.  This entire situation smells eerily similar to that of the signings of Ted Washington and Willie McGinest.  It almost seems like Romeo is being pretty nostalgic with some of these moves, hoping that these players provide the same punch that they did while he was with the Patriots.  Yes, he’s consistent.  And he obviously knows Crennel’s defense.  But how much gas is left in the tank?

Given Law’s age, we would need to be certain that he could keep up with fellow AFC North long-ball threats like Chad Johnson and Santonio Holmes, not to mention opening day against Terrell Owens.  And if the deal would be multi-year, one would hope that this would be the case for the length of the contract – especially if the guaranteed sum was high. 

But going back to the money issue.  Say Phil Savage can convince Law to take less money… Wouldn’t that immediately throw more possibile teams into the mix? 

Obviously, I’m a bit skeptical with this one as I’m sure some of you are too.  While there will always be the “sign the big name” camp, you might have to cross my name off of that invite list.

  • kiddicus maximus

    with apologies to many of your readers (and possibly some of your writers), 34 is just too old to play NFL-caliber ball at the DB position. “Losing a step” is an understatement at that point, proven by Deion Sanders, one of the better DBs of my era. Sanders couldn’t make the comeback a few seasons ago with the Ravens, and ended up being the nickel-back in their scheme. Granted he was competing against McAllister and… that other guy, but my point remains the same.

    34 year old QB? sure.
    34 year old P/K? no problem.
    34 year old O-lineman? maybe.
    34 year old DB? no stinking way.

  • Todd S.

    Seriously, T.O. has already been entering my nightmares leading up to opening day. The weird thing is that he’s wearing a Denver Nuggets uniform — go figure.

  • DP

    For me, the issue with Law has always ENTIRELY been about money. I think he could help this team. I sincerely believe he’s probably still as good as any CB on the roster right now.

    However, that’s looking at it in a total vacuum… one in which he doesn’t want Pro-Bowl CB money. Under no circumstances should this team–built for the long haul as some suggested in the Manning thread–mortgage its future/cap for a 34-year-old FORMER Pro-Bowl CB wanting to be paid like a CURRENT Pro-Bowl CB.

    I personally don’t believe that the Browns’ “window” closes after this year, so there’s no reason to take a huge financial hit and go for broke for one year. If CB were the only missing piece, and Ty Law was his 28-year-old self, then yes… do it. But he’s not, on either count.

    In short. I’d pass on him, unless he takes a hugely-incentive-laden contract, which by most accounts he won’t do. Relative to the whole “Crennell-nostalgia” tack, I agree. I was more OK with the Washington/McGinnest signings at the time because the team definitely needed some bridges until they could draft/develop their own talent. Granted, in hindsight, those bridges collapsed pretty early on, but back in 2005 I totally understood what they were trying to do with those signings. That time has past, also, and shouldn’t be replicated with a Law signing *just* because Crennell knows him from the NE days.

  • Brian

    agreed. No way should the Browns pursue Ty Law!

    Ricky Manning maybe.

    I would also just like to see the Browns Defense in its entirety play a few series for once so we can actually see how good they are. We have yet to see all of the D-line, linebackers and secondary on the field at the same time.

    I think once we do, Sean Rodgers and Coer Williams make an impact on the line, allowing K-Wimb to apply some pressuer and maybe Peek from the other side. Giving our secondary the baility to only have to cover receivers for a short time (like most good defense do).

    I am not opposed to getting another corner, and I think a healthy Sean J and Pool make an impact in the secondary.

  • DP

    Though I see your point and don’t entirely disagree, the issue is that if we wait until 9/7 to have our entire defense on the field, and in its entirety it still sucks, then we’ve missed any chance to get *any* viable additions.

  • Brian

    i think they should get another veteran or experienced corner to push the two young ones we have. given some more guidance along the way as wella s pushing them for their spots. and cousin hasnt looked all that impressive

  • Jeff

    Yeah to me, Ricky Manning is the way to go first. I am not against Ty Law if the money is right. He would be a decent Nickle corner, but of course the only way to do it is with an incentive laden deal that doesn’t kill the salary cap. But go get Manning, and do it today so he has time to get some of the system down before the opener.

  • Lyon

    Listening to radio yesterday, reports had Ty Law checking into a Cleveland hotel… Could see a signing, or atleast an offer real soon.