Two Days…

Upon the agreement of the whole Time Warner/BTN fiasco, it still didn’t really help me very much. But there will be no further concerns thanks to this!

Cox Cable, which serves about 100,000 customers in the western suburbs of Cleveland, will show Saturday’s Ohio State-Youngstown State game. Cox does not yet have a deal fully completed with the Big Ten Network, which is broadcasting the game, but an agreement is so near that the decision to air the game has been reached, according to a Cox spokesperson.

And for those that will be at the game, you won’t miss out on any replays that we’re all able to see at home. Per Eleven Warriors:

Last year in the first quarter of the Ohio State-Illinois game in Ohio Stadium, some Buckeyes fans were in the dark about a controversial noncall on an apparent Illinois fumble.

This year, Ohio State will shed some light on similar plays when it shows instant replay of controversial calls on its video board for the first time, said Mike Penner, assistant athletics director for event services.

And while I do think that this move could result in some rowdy behavior, blame it on the zebras!! Man, I cannot wait for Saturday – especially with news of Pryor taking some snaps.

Cox Cable to air OSU-Youngstown State game [Doug L.]
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  • Mike

    Scott I couldn’t agree more. Ill be at the game Saturday and can not wait to see Pryor run out of the tunnel. Its the start of a championship run. Ive bein rockin out to my osu marching band CD in my office all morning. With replays now I don’t have to waste time calling friends at home watching it to figure out what happened.

  • kiddicus maximus

    someone please tell me that TW and BTN came to an agreement and I just missed the announcement… please? I’m stuck with TW for another two months and I’d rather not keep showing up at unsuspecting friends’ houses at noon on a Saturday – with lots of beer and some pizza.

  • Rick

    Yeah Kid, they did agree.

  • Hoy

    I’ll be glad to take that beer and pizza off your hands though.