Breaking News: Brian Windhorst to Join PD

While this has been circulating throughout the rumor mill for quite some time, we are very excited to say that sources close to the situation have confirmed: Cavaliers beat writer Brian Windhorst will officially be joining the team over at the Plain Dealer. 

Not only was Brian the man behind all things Cavaliers over at the Akron Beacon Journal, he has frequently been featured over at Henry Abbott’s TrueHoop, as well as the co-author of The Franchise.  Having Brian in Cleveland will not only have him that much closer to the situation, but he will also be rejoining friend, former colleague and co-author Terry Pluto to give Cleveland two of the best writers out there today.

By now, you are all aware that Brian was very ill over the past few months.  We have learned that while he is significantly thinner than he was pre-illness, he is on the fast road to recovery – not that it stopped him from breaking the Maurice Williams trade before anyone else while on the way home from the hospital.  We’re very glad to hear about Brian’s recovery, and are ecstatic to hear that he’ll be joining the team in Cleveland.

Welcome, Brian.  We’re looking forward to a great 2008-09 season.

  • Craig

    This is great news indeed. There couldn’t be two better writers to cover this era of Cavs basketball for the leading paper for Cavs coverage. The PD has done well.

  • Bobby

    In the words of Marv Albert, YES!

  • Rick

    Indeed, Brian if you are reading congrats on the move. Wise decision my friend.

  • Matt in Lyndhurst

    This is great news indeed! Welcome Brian!

    Now let’s work on replacing the old koots in Livingston and Shaw 😉

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  • Biff

    Now if he can just convince the PD to get rid of their ridiculous new online format, we could be in business.

  • RockKing

    Couldn’t agree more Biff. The new online is not really user-friendly. You have to keep scrolling down to see all the new articles of the day, whereas in the old format it was laid out so you could see all the new articles on one screen.

  • DCBucks

    This is a good start. Pluto, while not great, is better than the other 3 morons (Livingston, Shaw, and Grossi.)

  • Boomhauer

    Les Levine broke this story last night on his show. Pluto is hosting More Sports and Les Levine tonight and Brian is going to be the guest.
    What an improvement for the PD over Branson Wright!

  • Bridgecrosser

    The more you read Windhorst crush everybody on stories, the more you realize how amazingly average Grossi is…..

  • Cpl_Yuk

    Great News.
    Please cancel my ABJ subscription.

    Oh wait.. I did, only the guy keeps delivering (for the past 3 years) on Saturday and Sundays.

    Funny side story. Door to door ABJ guy comes to my door this past weekend asking me to subscribe. I tell him I get the paper now, and don’t even read it. Please stop bringing it. I take it from the mailbox and put it in the trash. I’ve even asked neighbors if they want it to come and grab it. I cancelled and stopped paying 3 years ago, but the paper continues to show up.

    Confused door to door salesman looks at me and asks if I would be interested in a Sunday Only Subscription for the low price of….


    I smiled. Said Thank You and closed the door.

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  • DaveH

    I don’t get it, what do readers get from Windhorst joining the Plain Dealer? He’ll still refuse to criticize Ferry and Gilbert, and we’ll still get it all somewhat sugarcoated. Beacon Journal or Plain Dealer, I don’t know what the difference is. The kid is smart, he took the Beacon Journal’s buyout, and fled. Then, when James leaves in two seasons, Windhorst’s writing will no longer be relevant, and he’ll hook up with ESPN, or whoever.

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