Sabathia Carries Brewers in to Playoffs

The Milwaukee Brewers got exactly what they wanted with the acquisition of C.C. Sabathia back in early July.  Needing another arm to compliment Ben Sheets, Sabathia was likely more than the team even anticipated by going 11-2 with an ERA of 1.65 in 17 starts.

The last of the 11 wins came this past weekend when the big man tossed 122 pitches on three days rest; his third start in a row on said days off.  He fanned seven, walked one, and single-handedly put this team in the postseason.

There had been some recent grumblings (mostly out of Bill Livingston) that hinted towards Cleveland’s Player to be Named Later being contingent upon the Brewers making the playoffs.  Those that were worried can now relax a bit, while continuing to root for the hefty lefty.  Those that are looking to toss big money C.C.’s way may want to take a gander at the number of innings that he’s tossed over the second half of the season.  But as long as he keeps it rolling for the next few weeks, Milwaukee won’t be complaining.

And if you’re wondering about this PTBNL, word on the street is that we should find out after the World Series.  I know that Peter Gammons has recently mentioned that Michael Brantley will likely be heading to Cleveland, but nothing of the sort has been confirmed.

  • Boomhauer

    I’m going to laugh when the Yankees give CC a $200 million dollar contract and he has Tommy John surgery within 2 years. Then while “rehabbing”, he balloons up to 400 lbs.

  • MoBot

    Good for the big man and the city of Milwaukee. Enjoy him while you can.

  • MacNip

    Happpy for CC. He won’t be going to the Yankees next year either

  • MacNip

    Oops….I am so happy for CC I put 3 p’s in the word ‘happy’

  • DP

    While obviously I’m bummed that he didn’t pitch like this for us in the playoffs last season, it’s hard not to be happy for the Hefty Lefty. He put a lot of the “big game” questions behind him by stepping up on short rest repeatedly. Hopefully he can keep it up in the playoffs.

    And yes, he has arm injury written all over him.

  • RockKing

    CC is perhaps the most durable starting pitcher I can remember. I am not really concerned about injury, as his motion is actually pretty fluid and doesn’t put a lot of strain on his arm relative to a lot of the other starters out there.

    I personally am still hoping the Indians at least TRY to get CC back. Make him a competitive offer and leave the ball in his court. It would be an awful shame to not even make an attempt.

  • cathy

    rockKing: i hope cleveland makes an attempt too. though for some reason i don’t think he’ll come back but at least we can show we want him back.

    I like CC and i’m glad he’s doing well but seeing how i’m dating a cubs fan i can’t root for him much going forth :) Good job big guy you looked good!

  • Andy

    Nice to at least have someone to root for in the playoffs this year.

  • Phil

    Cleveland has too many other concerns. It would be a waste of effort and time to offer C.C. Sabathia a hefty contract. The Tribe needs to focus on a top-of-the-line closer and a powerful infield bat. A table-setter might help, too, by giving Grady a chance to put his production into a more advantageous spot in the lineup.

    It should be interesting to see if C.C. is able to perform in the playoffs this year. A bad showing there won’t keep him from getting buckets full of cash, but he’ll want to avoid solidifying a reputation for not rising to the challenge of playoffs.

  • kiddicus maximus

    wait, didn’t we already try to throw a bunch of money at him?

  • TampaBrett

    Good for him. I’ve always liked C.C. Though I don’t think the Brewers will last long.

  • RockKing

    @Phil: I would actually tend to agree……if I thought the Indians were actually going to spend money to address those needs. But since I don’t believe they will, I still hope they at least make CC an offer. I know he won’t accept it, but still….give him an offer, see what happens.

  • john

    the brewers are going to be tough in the postseason. alot of people have forgotten that they just got one of the best young pitchers in all of baseball back in their rotation – yovanni gallardo. this guy missed almost all season because of a knee injury (arm is 100%). a CC, ben sheets, yovani threesome is going to be tough!

  • Jordan

    To Phil, #9: Ask A-Rod how choking in the playoffs has affected the size of his contracts…

  • Bobby

    He’s a machine, absolutely amazing. 3 Days res and a complete game?! An ERA under 2? He is the best pitcher in the Majors right now. Simply unbelievable.

  • Jeff

    Yes I’m glad for CC too. I am still a little ticked he pitched this way for them when he sucked at crunch time for the Tribe last year, but no one is perfect. You gotta hand it to him though, they asked him before this last start if he was sure he wanted to go out for the third time in 9 days before free agency and he said he was all in and wanted the ball.

    I honestly think he will stay in NL. If I were him that is what I would do. He has totally dominated the NL lineups all year, and there are a few teams there that could afford him. I see him as a Dodger next year, or maybe even a Met. I really don’t see why he would want to play for the Yankees. Who knows? But my money would be on staying in the NL and being the front runner for CY Young next year. (And for the record, his three game performance in the last 9 days to me gives him the NL Cy Young this year. Not sure what the voters will do, but that is who I would give my vote to if I had one).

  • The Bambino

    I think it would be a HUGE mistake for the Indians to offer a big contract to a closer. Those guys are so streaky from year to year. Look at the guys in the top of the league in saves. Sure, you have your Papelbons and Nathans, but almost every year you have nameless guys who just get it done. And it seems like Lewis did a pretty bang up job to me. Why take a chance on a flier when you know you already have that in your pen?

  • Battles

    Take half of the fifteen victories that Byrd and Sabatha accounted for after they left Cleveland and add them to the Tribe’s record. All of the sudden we’re in that division race to the end.

    I hope those trades were worth it.