April 16, 2014

Cavaliers Building a Farm System?

Sure, we all know that the Cavs have their very own (okay, shared) team within the D-League.   But typically, this has been a place for the Billy Thomas’ of the world to hang out and chuck up threes.  Now, it appears that Danny Ferry is using this teamto his advantage; placing players on the Bayhawks that will allow for development (so that’s what the “D” stands for).

Cleveland general manager Danny Ferry said when the Cavaliers work out players in preparing for the draft, they ask them how they’d handle numerous situations.

Since the Cavaliers value the D-League, they talk to players about if they mind playing in it. Ferry said [Darnell] Jackson, who is from Midwest City, Okla., was open to it.

As Matt Moore points out, we currently have a team that is making a run for a title.  These sort of situations do not allow for a lot of time for rookies to mature on the court.  Placing them in Erie may be the best for their long-term benefit, as well as that of the Cavaliers.  While I’m not necessarily on board with sending J.J. Hickson there as well, I would totally understand if he was a Bayhawk for the first few months of the season. 

Potential ‘Hawks forward Jackson an ‘inspiration’ [Erie.com]
Cavs’ Darnell Jackson Could Spend Time In Erie [RidiculousUpside]

  • http://www.todddery.com TD

    you wrote that “Billy Thomas chuck-up threes” line for me, didnt you?

  • http://ridiculousupside.com Matt Moore

    Few notes…

    1. While you do share your D-League affiliate Bayhawks, the owner? Yeah, he’s a Cavs season ticket owner. It’s the same deal as the Utah Flash and the Jazz. The Flash actually practice after the Jazz in the same facility sometimes. The coaches have a ton of interaction. I can see the same thing happening in Erie.

    2. You don’t have to send down a player for the whole season. One of the really effective models I saw last year was Alando Tucker and how the Suns used him in Albuquerque. They would have him spend two weeks in Albuquerque, then call him up for two weeks. Then send him down for three, back up for two. He stays on roster but it gives him a reason to work and gets him playing time. At the same time, he’s getting to know his teammates and building a relationship. Plus, he gets to show the coaches what he’s learning in the affiliate, good or bad.

    3. Personally, given Mike Brown’s rotations and the number of front court vets the Cavs have, I think sending down both Hickson and Jackson for stretches would be a good idea. Also bear in mind that in the D-League, they’re going to be coached specifically on what’s good for them. They won’t get ignored or neglected because the team doesn’t have time. They’ll get coached fully.

    I think Ferry gets it. Don’t be surprised if the Cavs own the Bayhawks in two years.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Thanks, Matt. Completely agree.

    Plus, it was quite a coincidence that the Bayhawks fan day only featured Cavalier players….