Keeping an Eye on the Enemy…

You know what I like best about this picture? Yeah, the UM fan in the Red Sox hat!

Yes, our beloved Buckeyes failed to score an offensive touchdown on Purdue. But while we prepare for the gauntlet that is Michigan State and Penn State, let us take a close look at how Michigan is doing adjusting to the wide-open, spread offense genius of Rich Rod. What’s that? Not so good you say?

Michigan’s loss (at home!) to MAC powerhouse (sarcasm alert) Toledo might have cost the Woodchucks a bowl game. Think I’m kidding? I know, everyone gets invited to a bowl right? Well, everyone with at least 6 regular season wins….

UM is now 2-4 on the season. Up next for the black and blue is a road trip to Happy Valley. If there is a team that Penn State is looking forward to thumping this year, it would have to be Michigan. Despite climbing to #3 in the polls, and a date with Columbus looming, don’t expect the Lions to look past this week. Penn State has lost 9 straight to Michigan, over an 11 year span. No way that continues this year.

Following the Penn State game, UM has #20 Michigan State looking to shed the ‘little brother’ label in Ann Arbor. So, with 2-6 a very very real possibility, Michigan goes on the road to face Purdue and Minnesota, finishes the home schedule with Northwestern, and travels to Columbus to end the season. You tell me. Of these 6 teams, which 4 are the woodchucks going to beat to be bowl eligible? I don’t think so. Not this year.

Sure, everyone expected Michigan to struggle this season. But it seems fans are becoming unsettled about the lack of improvement over the first 8 games. Could there be a civil war brewing in the mitten state?

Because they laughed at us all through the Cooper era, here are your live blog highlights, from MGoBlog

[Comment From blueblood]
i hate my life more and more every second michigan continues to be tied with toledo, i would rather be hit by a bus than continue this miserable existence

[Comment From Don]
PSU is gonna hang 60 on us. Only JoePa’s sense of decency would hold them back.

[Comment From chollis]
i don’t know, after losing to us for 9 years JoePa might hang 90 on us

[Comment From MichiganBone]
well hey, at least an incompletion is better than an interception, right?

[Comment From chollis]
is it bad that i will be surprised if we win this game?

[Comment From sheridamnit]
I don’t understand the move to Sheridan. Guy can’t throw, so third and longs are always gonna be tough. (seeing as how we have lots of those)

[Comment From GoBlue49120]
We will destroy Toledo 17-13 Bank It!!!!

[Comment From turbo cool]
do we coach tackling? or just assume their HS coaches covered that?

[Comment From blueblood]
I just puked a little in my mouth

[Comment From Sgt. Barwis’s Beatdown]
I’ve been really even tempered and patient this season, but I have to admit now: This team just flat-out sucks. They are not improving; they actually seem to be getting worse. Injuries and all, yeah, but. They suck.

[Comment From spaciorek]
if we lose this game do we get any more wins?

[Comment From jason]
i agree with victors, its easy to say”oh this is a rebuilding year” until you are tied 10-10 with toledo

[Comment From Austin]
When will it be next year?

[Comment From Jay]
What makes anybody think that we will suddenly become “Michigan” again next year?

[Comment From Gnarls Woodson]
I don’t think we should shoot Rich Rod. that seems excessive

[Comment From NBlue]
Any chance that McGuffie is half brothers with Colt McCoy and we could get him to transfer?

[Comment From GoBlue49120]
* 17-13 prediction subject to change without notice. All rights reserved, Not valid in the state of Rhode Island.

[Comment From dr.dreidel]
The Crossbar is on notice.

[Comment From Flatout]
*OUCH* Appy State flashbacks. I am currently in my undies hallucinating, doing karate moves, and rolling around like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now.

[Comment From Pete]
the toledo players are laughing at us…man that sucks

[Comment From Chicago]
pryor would be nice. but what we really need is 4 years of OL and LB recruiting back

[Comment From Guest]
so um you guys realize toledo lost to florida internationial this year…. just saying

[Comment From NBlue]
this one is all on RR. Yes, the players suck, but there is no way we can’t get 22 players on the field better than Toledo. All coaching. why play sheridan when he cant throw the ball? He has 5 INTs in just over a game of playing time

[Comment From Austin]
So, just a reminder, our first loss to a MAC team EVER. EVER.

kgh10:  Seriously GO BLUE they can tie it up at least, they’ve gotta.

[Comment From Brat10]
LETS GO BLUE>>>>>>>LETS GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Comment From Austin]

[Comment From WellHungJury]

[Comment From GoBlue49120]
Play for win or OT??

[Comment From Dess]

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  • Swig

    [Comment From Austin]
    When will it be next year?

    So close to copyright infringement

  • Rick

    I liked that one too….but I have to say that when I read “the crossbar is on notice” I nearly wet myself…not sure why, but it struck me as really funny!

  • Ricky

    Even if they somehow get to 6 wins, that might not be enough because there will be a lot of teams in the Big Ten this year with 6 wins, in fact, everyone but Indiana and Purdue (well, and Michigan) looks like they will get at least 6. Thats 8 teams that will get 6 wins for 7 (I think) bowl spots, and no 6 win team can make it over a 7 win team. That prolly means Michigan needs 7 wins. Which is impossible. and awesome

  • CJG

    @#1 Swig…
    Dang, took the words right from under me. I was gonna say he was a turncoat from Cleveland. Watchout WFNY…you might be getting more Michigan fans soon. Maybe you should expand it to Michigan sports. Lions? Tigers? Michigan? Yeah, I know, bad idea.

  • DP

    As the site’s resident UM fan, I of course have to throw my $.02 in here:

    This season has been brutal, aside from the second half of the Wisconsin game, which remains a total mystery to me in terms of how in the heck they pulled it off. As you point out, we all knew it was going to be ugly. As to how ugly, well, I don’t think anyone predicted that a school like Michigan would be so bare at the quarterback position. That said, I also don’t think they were counting on Mallett transferring. C’est la vie.

    Let me sum up this weekend by saying that early in the fourth quarter, I elected to go outside and scrub and stain my deck and patio instead of watching the rest of the game. I came inside just in time to see our kicker brick a 26-yarder. Not good times.

    When I watch this team, I honestly don’t think they’re far away from being “decent” (maybe an 8-win team in the Big 10). The problem is that they’re lacking on offense in two of the most important spots: QB and OL. The good news is that they have a top-10 recruiting class coming in for 2009, which includes a solid verbal from a good dual-threat QB (Tate Forcier) and at one time sounded like they would also be getting Kevin Newsome ( Having a QB whose running ability must actually be respected by a defense would go a long way to making the offense as it’s currently structured a lot more effective.

    That said, without some better blocking (and that will take a different breed of linemen, as Rod/Barwis love smaller, more athletic linemen) they will continue to suffer.

  • kiddicus maximus

    DP Says:

    As the site’s resident UM fan, I of course have to throw my $.02 in here:

    make sure it doesn’t get intercepted.

    RichRod might need that $.02 next season.

  • DP

    Most likely I will throw it high and out of bounds.