Open Thread: Purdue Boilermakers at Ohio State

Time: 3:30 PM, EDT
TV/Radio: WEWS Ch. 5, WKNR AM/850.
Kickoff Weather: 78 degrees (at kickoff), Winds 6 MPH (SE)
Line: OSU (-18.5)

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that there was not more Buckeye talk this week after our huge win in Camp Randall.  But while the Badgers get to play host once again to a top-25 opponent in Penn State, the Buckeyes will gear up for the Nittany Lions this week while they take on their last opponent in the Boilermakers of Purdue.  Quarterback Curtis Painter didn’t make it through last week’s game due to some poor play, so you can bet he’ll try to step it up against the Buckeyes.  On our end, we’ll be without several players (as mentioned by Rock in this week’s podcast).  In the same regard, we could see a lot more from players like Brandon Saine and perhaps some of freshman speed threat Lamaar Thomas.

Of course, we also have the combo of Beanie Wells and Terrell Pryor to watch.  But if this score winds up being where Vegas believes it will, it wouldn’t surprise me if both of these players received a bit of a break as they prepare for next week.


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And finally, check out the confidence oozing out of Boiler Sports.  It sounds an awful lot like our “Browns Will Win If…” Series…

“Terrell Pryor gets his foot caught in a Jacuzzi motor and is unable to make the game. Understand, we’re not saying he would be unable to play due to injury – we’re saying he would need to be stuck and physically being unable to make it to the ‘shoe. Because, if he did, even with one foot we’re still a little afraid of him.”

As always, feel free to follow along in the comments.  I’m just hoping that we don’t play to the level like we did in a few of the earlier games this season.  Go Bucks!

  • Scott

    It’s good to see Oklahoma surviving without Travis Wilson…

  • Mike

    This could be a Panini’s day.

    So glad to see OU vs. Texas live up to the hype this year.

  • Mike

    Toledo 13…Michigan 10

    I think I just blew a funny fuse. I can’t even laugh at them anymore.

  • Rick

    Michigan is 2-4. Home games with #23 Michigan State and Northwestern. On the road to Penn State, Purdue and Minnesota before coming to Columbus. They have to win 4 of their remaining games to be bowl eligible. I don’t see it happening…

  • Rick

    Wow a special teams play! Jenkins with the block…Sabino with the return TD OSU!!

  • Scott

    I wouldve loved to see that fake…

  • Scott

    Six minutes left in the game, not one offensive touchdown. I like that we’re winning, but this is brutal.

  • B-bo

    It could be a rough couple of weeks if this offense doesn’t get its act together quick.

  • DP

    No, rough is missing a 26-yard field goal and losing at home to Toledo. You guys don’t know how good you have it!

  • Victory

    Michigan is rebuilding we not. They have a new coach and new players at basically every position. We on the other hand started the year at number 3 and are a huge disappointment. Pryor tries to do too much and does up hurting the team. Time to play boeckman some so atleast teams will start respecting the pass

  • Rick

    Yes Victory I know they are rebuilding….

    It’s too late to play musical QB’s. Pryor is going to be the one going forward. If we were behind by a couple of TD’s you may see Todd back at QB, but not before…

  • Victory

    I’m not saying like dual qb em. i just think they should put him in sometimes. They just stack the box and beanie can’t break a huge one and it seems like they not letting him throw deep alot. Btw penn state is gonna kick our ass if we don’t fix that problem in two weeks