So…We’re Not Alone With DB Woes

It’s a fairly slow news day today if you couldn’t tell.  The Browns are coming up on a bye week, the Indians are d-u-n, and the Cavaliers are just getting underway.  But that doesn’t stop us from perusing other teams.

Hamza Abdullah, Tyron Brackenridge, Courtney Bryan, Therrian Fontenot, Nick Graham, Terrence Holt, Daren Stone, and Michael Waddell each got look-sees as the Texans prepare for their 2008 home opener against a Colts team that features pass-catchers like Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark, and Anthony Gonzalez.  It’s a must-win game for both teams; the Texans are 0-3 and the Colts are 1-2.

While you may not really recognize many of the names at the top of that paragraph, one thing that they all have in common: They’re all defensive backs.  Not that I blame the Texans for giving these guys a run, but man…I thought we were in a defensive rut.  Here’s hoping that one of them works out – just not as much as to help them when we lock horns on November 23rd.

Be honest…when you all go down the schedule to try and find possible wins, this is one of them, right?

Texans try out eight defensive backs [PFT]

  • DP

    Totally. Also, I believe we traded for Therrion Fontenot once upon a time. I might be talking out of my hind-quarters, though.

  • Scott

    or typing

  • DP
  • DP

    (my “OH SNAP” is a link, BTW)

  • Jeff

    Whatever happened to Fakhir Brown who was recently let go by the Rams? He was a starter there and not sure why he was cut other than they are a mess and the coach was trying to save his job and change something. He is a guy who is servicable and may even be better than at least one of our DBs currently on the roster.

    Just a thought.

  • kiddicus maximus

    “Whatever happened to Fakhir Brown”

    hey man, this is a family site. keep that foul language on Deadspin.

    is it just me, or is there a ridiculous amount of injuries this season? The article you guys wrote about the NFC North injuries are just the tip of the iceburg. Half the freaking league is out with some form of debilitating injury.

    Do steroids make you more brittle after you have to stop taking them?