Brady Quinn: Waiting For Next Year…

Brady Quinn

Remember that finger that could not be damaged any further if Quinn were to play?  Well, it appears that it has been damaged further.

CLEVELAND (AP) — Browns quarterback Brady Quinn will miss the remainder of Cleveland’s season with a broken right index finger he made worse by playing on Sunday, according to several reports.

Citing unnamed sources, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer said the break on Quinn’s finger worsened after he tried to play through the injury on Sunday in a loss to the Houston Texans. Quinn initially broke the tip of the finger and damaged a tendon in his second career start on Nov. 17 at Buffalo.

And before we all rush to the podium and yell “You’re Fired!” at Romeo Crennel for playing Quinn in the first place, the report also states that it was in fact Quinn’s decision.

There has not been any determination on whether or not Quinn will undergo surgery on the injured digit.  Crennel is slated to speak to the media at 11 AM today which will undoubtedly provide some more clarity on this situation.  For now, I will scour this team for reasons to actually turn the game on this Sunday.

It should be noted that this news officially puts the kibosh on Quinn’s contract escalators that would in fact pay him an added $5 million per year over the last two seasons of his deal.

His agent (Tom Condon) put together a deal that would trigger an increase if Quinn were to receive at least 55 percent of the snaps in two of his first three years.  With last season in the rear view, Quinn was obviously banking on this year and next for the bonus to kick in.

Reports say Browns QB Brady Quinn out for season [AP]

  • Jay Cutler

    Does anyone happen to know how much it would cost to get the Browns medical staff to treat my diabetes? I feel like it could really help my situation!
    Thanks in advance.

  • mj

    I heard this last night. My first thought… was this another failure by the Browns’ medical staff?

    What a shame, with the season being flushed, that we won’t be able to see what Quinn can do.

    And with this disfunctional regime in Berea, if DA plays well the rest of the way we can probably look forward to another contract extension for DA and more coin flips from Romeo to pick a starting QB next year!

  • MacNip

    what is the criteria to be a Browns team doctor? A high score in ‘Operation’? They seem to have zero medical intelligence

    For all of you young kids out there…..Operation is a board game, and a darn good one. Google it

  • DCBucks

    I think I realized this morning that I’m done caring about the Browns for the forseeable future. They are so broken from top to bottom that no Miami-like turnaround is possible. I hear people hoping the Browns draft either Jenkins, Laurinitis, or Beanie Wells. We’re extremely weak at all of those positions, but I seriously don’t want the NFL careers of these 3 Buckeyes to be ruined by playing for the Browns. If a season ending injury doesn’t get them, horrible coaching and total lack of supporting talent will. I’d rather they ruin the career of a player from Miami, scUM, ND, Florida, or USC. Let the Buckeyes flourish with an organization that’s committed to winning through actions and not just empty promises.

    I really am done. I won’t root for another team, I didn’t when Modhell threw a hissy and stole the team, and I won’t now. I’ll observe from the periphery and if they unexpectedly get it together I’ll come back. Until then they no longer deserve my support. I’m taking their slice and giving it to the Cavs. Hell, I might even become a fan of Mike Brown.

  • DCBucks

    Jay Cutler, the Browns’ medical staff will gladly cure your diabetes and replace it with a persistent staff infection in your gonads.

  • I’m Ron Burgundy?

    NOW he’s done.

    Sorry, I had to do it.

  • RandyOSU

    Obviously terrible news, primarily since BQ won’t get valuable playing experience this year.

    Here’s the light at the end of the tunnel: The Browns under Crennel/Savage/DA are likely to continue to spiral out of control and into a desperate situation-if not all out quitting. BQ may be better off staying on the sidelines for this fiasco to come and then re-emerging next year with a new, PROFESSIONAL coaching staff who can prepare him for the NFL.

  • Jay Cutler

    DCBucks. That sounds good, I think.

  • draftnik

    huh, huh, he said gonads…

    I need the free time on Sundays, so thanks in advance, Brady.

    Wow, there are going to be some large scores posted on us if we can’t keep the offense on the field. Lots and lots of three and outs. I’m guessing Jamal ain’t gonna see the high side of 20 carries the rest of the year.

    Somebody please explain to me why would anyone actually go to a remaining game and sit in sub-freezing termperatures and watch a sub-standard product? This team is the definition of lame duck. And the chronic booing! I guess if no one shows up, the booing won’t be bad.

    Even after saying all this, it will be very hard not to watch the carnage. Like Chris Palmer’s trainwreck, even though you know you shouldn’t look, you can’t stop yourself. Just glad I don’t have any money wrapped up in tickets…my deepest apologies if you do.

  • Rick

    MacNip, that is my favorite comment ever…

    “what is the criteria to be a Browns team doctor? A high score in ‘Operation’? They seem to have zero medical intelligence”

  • Harv 21

    The whole concept of the “team doctor” is problematic because of the obvious conflict of interest. But it wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns make nicey-nice and pay BQ’s contract escalators anyway or re-work his rookie contract (if they are permitted to at this stage).
    Anyone hear Savage’s comments on WTAM this morning? The part I heard sounded a little like a Goodbye, Cruel World” speech. Like, “it’s been great working for a classic franchise” and “anyone can follow me around all day and see what I do every minute to make us better,” etc. Sounded like he was updating his resume.

  • Joel

    The owner is a jerk, the coach has no idea what’s going on…he cannot manage the clock, the offensive coach is offensive, & I doubt they have a defensive coach. They have a receiver that can’t catch the ball, & another one that is so stupid he gets into a motorcycle accident.

    What a team of mis-fits.

    The Cleveland fans don’t deserve this garbage organization. They have supported this team through thick & thin, but this is enough! Does Lerner have any brains at all or does he just spend his days counting his money??

  • MacNip

    @ Rick


  • TampaBrett

    What a nightmare of a season, I wish it was just over already. Give us are four wins and let everyone from the Browns sit in their rooms and think about what they did wrong.

    Looks like I’m done wasting my Sundays going to watch the games, no way I’m going to watch DA throw the ball around like some idiot. I say they start Dorsey.

  • DerekAnderson

    I prefer a big homestyle breakfast on Sundays, get’s my juices flowing. I’m talking several runny eggs, hashbrowns with onions, bacon, sausage and a few flapjacks with maple syrup made in Oregon. With a full belly I can almost hear Chud through my headsets.

    I’m in a playoff hunt, not a turkey hunt. I’m a leader on this team so don’t you worry. As coach says, “we have a game on our schedule and darn it we will show up to play”.

  • Eric

    I’m actually trying to figure out which team to root for for the rest of the year. I’ve narrowed it to the Falcons and the Cardinals. It can’t be an AFC team. Just couldn’t.

    Anyway, just for the rest of the year. I’m done investing time, $ and blood pressure on this team. Why should I care more than they do?

    So I’ll root for one of those two teams and enjoy the rest of the season. If the Browns make the right changes at the end of the season, I’ll re-evaluate. But I’m currently a free agent fan until the end of the season.

  • hectorakacd

    I’m with DC Bucks. I’m really tired of people saying “are you serious and then start laughing” when I tell them I’m a Browns fan. this team is an embarass ment to the city and to themselves.

  • hectorakacd

    Randy Lerner needs to take a look at real teams like Pittsburgh and as much as I hate to say it Baltimore and see how real NFL teams are run (not run into the ground like the Clowns).

  • Jeff

    I am sure this is just me, but what if DA plays better? He always craps his pants when the pressure is on, but now he won’t have any. The season is done, there are no expectations there, and the young back up everyone wanted for his job is out for the season. What if he goes out and plays loose and just starts slinging the ball around. Maybe he plays better and we can trick someone into giving us a decent draft pick for him? I guess I am crazy, but I hope that happens.

  • JonCole

    Won’t have any what, Jeff? Pants?


  • mj

    “Maybe he plays better and we can trick someone into giving us a decent draft pick for him? I guess I am crazy, but I hope that happens.”

    Oh God, I hope so…

    I can’t deal with another coin toss to decide between DA and BQ next year.

  • DP

    I’ve never experienced a championship in any sport. The last time the city of Cleveland won was the month before I was born. When I was old enough to follow the game with any intelligence I also learned that you don’t tell people you’re a Brown’s fan – not without getting laughed at. Even as close as we’ve gotten (The Drive, The Fumble, Red Right 88 (ever notice that our loses have NAMES???)) it was always followed by a massive let down. But at least those teams stood a chance – the hope was legitimate.
    Ever since the “new” Browns hit the field in 1999 that hope has never been based on reality. I’m not big on pointing fingers – there is so much blame to spread around that not any one person or group deserves 100% of it – but something has to give. Romeo has to go. Hire the Chin. See if Cowher and Savage can work together and if not, then adios Phil… Maybe emphasize tackling in training camp… I dunno, but I do know that every year it gets harder to be a fan, every year harder to admit in public that you stand by this team no matter what…

  • kiddicus maximus

    with only 4 wins, we have a good shot at the #2 or #3 pick. I say we start Me at QB for the rest of the season and I’ll pick up five or six of my buddies to play WR and TE. That way Kellen can have the season off to rest his broken knee/shoulder/staph-infected-region, Braylon can get lasik, and Brady can worry about getting that finger back in action.

    Come to think of it, some of the writers here might be good coaches/coordinators. Who wants to draw up plays for a 5’8″ QB? Romeo can then focus on his resume…

  • RandyOSU

    kiddicus….great post, and all on totally on the mark.

  • SambofromOH

    I think Jeff is right. DA doesnt have any pressure anymore. The season is done. Brady isnt waiting in the wings since he is done. DA has his job back and now he no pressure. DA is going to play well and we will only miss the playoffs by 2-3 games.

  • Pat18970

    What do you call 2 Browns doctors reading an EKG?

    A double blind study!