April 17, 2014

Golden Grady Sizemore

For a season that was such a disappointment as a team, individual members of the Cleveland Indians continue to real in awards. 

We documented the new awards to hit Cliff Lee’s mantle.  And not long thereafter, Franklin Gutierrez nabbed one of his own.  And now, it’s time for another Tribe outfielder to garner some recognition as Grady Sizemore received his second straight Gold Glove AwardRepresenting the American League in center field, Sizemore was voted by managers and coaches across the MLB to join Anaheim/Los Angeles’ Torii Hunter and Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki.

“It’s a great feeling,” Sizemore said of the honor. “You never really go into the year expecting something like this. Any time you get recognized or voted on or win something like this, whether it’s coaches, players or the media who decides it, it’s a great feeling.”

Former Indians to receive back-to-back honors include Kenny Lofton and Omar Vizquel – arguably two of the best glovesmen that have roamed Cleveland over the last 20 years.  And if you’re wondering how one statistically determines how good an outfielder actually is, you’ll have to talk to STATS INC.  They had Sizemore calculated with a “zone rating” of .909; one of four center fielders to have a number over .900.  The rest is in the hands of the coaching staffs who use their eyes instead of numbers.

And there’s no denying that Sizemore’s play in center field has been a sight to see.  Here’s to a few more gold gloves in the near future…


  • LaundroMat

    Good for him. He deserves it. And it’s nice to have some good news after the craptacular Browns game.

  • Mark

    Maybe we should have play some receiver for the Browns. I wonder if he would be allowed to use his glove to catch footballs?

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    I’d prefer his height and speed at DB…

  • Chris M

    Well played, Mark. I came in here to make the same joke.