Denver 34, Cleveland 30

It’s hard to put into words how horrible that loss was. I’ll give it a try.

There is blame to be spread around all over this one. Let’s start with the coaches shall we?

-The Broncos were not going to run the ball. Not in the second half. You knew this. The front 3 plus Wimbley or McGinest was not getting pressure on Cutler. None. One sack. One. They threw 45 times. 1 sack. Were we playing prevent defense all half? Or did we just slide into it after the ridiculous 90 yard TD debacle?

-Why was our best cover guy, Eric Wright, not lined up on Marshall the entire game? I know he didn’t really stop Royal either. Come to think of it, how many guys could cover Marshall and Royal for 10 seconds a snap?

-Why did the Browns have 2 time outs when the game ended? Perhaps one should have been used on the 4th down play? I don’t really think it would have made Winslow hang on to the ball, but perhaps since that first down was crucial…

-When the color man in the booth is calling out what the opposing team is going to do, (on Marshall’s TD) perhaps it should be that obvious to the defensive coordinator as well.

-Can someone tell me why we stopped giving the ball to Harrison? He averaged 9.5 yards a carry. Yeah, he was obviously too effective. Or maybe he was exhausted from playing 3 snaps on Sunday…

Don’t worry players, there is plenty of blame left for you!

-Can someone please learn how to tackle? Andre Davis that effort on Cutler made me sick. You came right up the gut, (one of the few ‘blitzes’ that didn’t involve Wimbley or McGinest), not a soul blocked you, and you grabbed a handful of nothing as Cutler sidestepped you. How about the 2 whiffs on Daniel Graham? What in the world was that? Sean Jones…fourth and 1, 7th string, rookie fullback stacked up in the backfield, and you bounce off his feet?

-I would have nearly felt bad had the Browns pulled this one out, because we got away with about 5 pass interference, or defensive holding penalties. You could have made a nice video of those for the league office. I suppose you were doing whatever you had to in order to stop, slow down the Broncos, not get burned as often.

-Does anyone on that sideline have any pride besides Winslow? I saw an awful lot of apathy when the Broncos scored. Seriously, I know you get paid either way, but some of us would much rather see the team win, as opposed to losing in consecutive games after leading by 2 TD’s.

One of the worst losses in recent memory. By the way, thanks NFL Network for the reminder about  The Drive. Yeah, because we’ve all forgotten. I’m done. Your turn Cleveland…

  • Jeff

    Quinn had one practice and still looked great. Give us 10 days between this and the next game and I think he will definitely have a chance to go downfield.

  • Pat18970

    As much as I like to seeing Cribbs on offense, I wonder how good he’d be at safety or cornerback. The man is fearless and can TACKLE. Think a QB wouldn’t be intimidated seeing Cribbs coming at him in a safety blitz?

    And Cribbs could still return kicks playing D.