Add Josh McDaniels to the list of potential coaches to be interviewed. The New England offensive coordinator has been given permission to speak to Randy Lerner according to the OBR.

The Browns pursuit of McDaniels is not a surprise, as he has often been mentioned alongside front office possibility Scott Pioli as a potential target for the Browns head coaching job. Cleveland also has interviews scheduled with ex-Jets head coach Eric Mangini, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Those interviews are expected to take place between today and Saturday.

(H/T Barry McBride)

  • Chris M

    I’m confused. Why are they interviewing coaches without a GM? Did I miss thet Pioli announcement?

  • DP

    Spagnolo and Schwartz? Si.

    McDaniels and Mangini? No.

    Color me skeptical of doing the EXACT SAME THING WE JUST DID again.

  • Nicko

    Was wondering the same thing as Chris M.

    Is it just Randy interviewing these coaches?

    What the h3ll is he asking them? Is anyone else in there with him?

    He doesn’t know anything about football, American football that is.

  • Tom

    One name I haven’t seen mentioned at all is Mike Martz, recently let go OC in SF. Former head coach of the Rams for 5 years. He’s a few years shy of 60 but has experience and went to a Super Bowl. He also doesn’t have any ties to Bellicheck (how long is that guy going to haunt Cleveland for?).

    Martz got canned after a short stint in Detroit and was sent packing from SF b/c he has a different offensive philosophy than Singletary (now there’s a guy I’d love to have as HC).

    It looks like Martz has gotten a raw deal the past few years. I’d be interested to see opinions if people think he should be on our next GM’s list of candidates.

  • Rick

    “Browns owner Randy Lerner and President Mike Keenan are in the New York area today to interview Scott Pioli for the position of chief football executive and Eric Mangini for head coach.

    The interviews are separate. Lerner had the Pioli interview scheduled and decided to hook up with Mangini, recently fired as Jets coach, to get a feel for him before proceeding with other planned interviews.”

    That’s from the PD. My guess is that Lerner is gauging the interest and financials from the head coaching candidates.

  • Scott

    Should financials really matter at this point?

  • JJ

    I tell you what, whether or not we agree with the list of candidates or not, you have to give props to Lerner for jumping right on things with scheduled interviews and appointments. For once it looks like the Browns are not sitting on their hands with something. Hopefully the new GM takes the cue and won’t sit on his hands when it comes to free agent signings and trades that could make this team better.

    As far as Mike Martz. Keep that man far from Cleveland! As much as i’d love to see the Browns become an offensive Juggernaut. Mike Martz’s refusal to run the ball and have his QB drop back and get pummeled on a weekly basis (Warner, Kitna, and JTO all have Martz to thank for leading the league…or close to it…in turnovers and times sacked in seasons Martz was their head coach or OC). Brady Quinn will be running for his life in a Mike Martz offense. DA (say he earns his spot back) will start to look like Boeckman did against USC.

  • Pat in CA

    As much as I’d like to see John Carroll grads do well, the prospect of having another Browns team run by Bill Bellicheck disciples gives me pause.

    We need a former head coach, not a wanna be coach.

  • Scott

    A Martz system would work until Halloween. Meant for domes and turf. I give the guy credit, but don’t think it would work here…

  • DP

    I kept hearing last night (well, this morning as I patiently watched SportsCenter for Blue Jackets highlights only to be denied) on ESPN that the Browns are prepared to make a “huge” offer to Pioli, and are going to give him the go-ahead to hire Kirk Ferentz. WHY??? Seriously, if this is our GM/coaching search, I’m now officially on the fence about renewing my season tickets.

    Also: “The [Boston] Herald, according to one source, said some Browns insiders felt Pioli’s demands were so high that perhaps he didn’t really want to leave New England.”

  • RandyOSU

    DP, this season ticket holder is right with ya. I had to sit out that last two years of Crennel because I would not stomach that nonsense-if Pioli is indeed hired and brings in Ferentz my PSL is on the block.

  • brwnsgrl

    Please, please, RL…don’t screw this up!

  • farfromclvlnd

    McDaniel’s is serious about getting a head coaching job. His dad, who has said to many people he would go coach with his son, just recently quit his head coaching job at Massillon Jackson…which in my estimation means McDaniels wants to get a head coaching gig. Now whether that means Cleveland…who knows, but Ohio ties always are tight.