Twenty-Four Hours of LeBron James

Great news for all of the fans of the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics!  Starting today at approximately 1 PM EST, NBATV will be playing 24 hours of continuous LeBron James footage. 

Some key games and times to point out:

1 PM 12/29: LeBron’s first NBA game, 10/29/2003

3 PM 12/29: 2006 Playoffs, Game 5 against the Wizards (LeBron’s game-winner)

1 PM 12/30: Oak Hill vs. St. Vincent-St. Mary, ESPN2 Replay

2:30 PM 12/30: 2007 Playoffs, Game 5 against the Pistons (“48 Special”)

The 7:30 PM mark tomorrow night will be the Cavaliers/Heat game in Miami.  Posting this makes me realize that I should have set my DVR for 1 PM today – I’d love to catch that game.  At least I’ll be able to record the replay of the game against Detroit…

  • Boomhauer

    Wish I had NBA TV…

  • kiddicus maximus

    Thanks Scott, I called my wife hysterically yelling at her to set up the DVR to record NBATV.

    “for how long” she asked.
    “ever” i replied.

    here’s to hoping her Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill recordings don’t get usurped.

  • DCBucks

    Wish they had a free streaming simulcast.

  • Kevin

    Does anyone actually get NBA TV? lol

    I remember that Pistons game… me, my dad, my brother, and my mom were all watching the 4th quarter and OT in 4 separate rooms on 4 different TVs because none of us could stand being in a room with anyone else it was so stressful… right after the buzzer my dad ran to my room and tackled me screaming IM NOT SELLING THE TICKETS FOR GAME 6!!!

    My best friend frantically called me from the watch party at the Q screaming I WILL BUY YOUR 4TH TICKET FOR GAME 6 I DONT CARE WHAT THE PRICE!!!

    Oh… game 6… best time of my life…

  • Tsunami

    I’d really like it if someone could record this and post it online. If anyone can find it – share it please.

  • Scott

    @Kevin:I have NBATV…still awaiting the HD broadcast though like their NFL bretheren…