Wally For Brad Miller? Another Bizarre Trade Rumor

Wally SzczerbiakPerhaps I am just overestimating the worth of $13 million of salary cap relief. Especially in this day, when everyone is trying to clear as much space for 2010 as they can, you’d think $13 million was a valuable piece of trade bait. So far, though, the rumors for Wally Szczerbiak and his now famous expiring contract have been pretty underwhelming.

First, there were the rumors of a deal involving Wally and Anderson Varejao going to Miami for Shawn Marion, a trade I wholeheartedly oppose. Now the latest involves another guy who has seemingly has his best days behind him. Bill Ingram for Hoopsworld has the latest. In his evening scoop column last night, he wrote,

“It’s no secret that the Sacramento Kings are in love with Wally Szczerbiak’s ending contract. The Kings are officially rebuilding, and Szczerbiak’s ending deal is exactly the kind of thing the Kings would love to get a hold of. HOOPSWORLD has learned that the Kings would send Brad Miller and a player to the Kings if it would return Szczerbiak and JJ Hickson.”

My initial reaction to reading this was, well, of course the Kings would. They’d be getting out of a contract they don’t want or need, especially with the play of Spencer Hawes and the potential of Jason Thompson. Furthermore, they’re getting back another valuable big guy with potential in J.J. Hickson. But what exactly are the Cavaliers getting return?

They’re getting a 32-year old, 10-year veteran center whose outstanding season last year is looking more like an exception and less like the rule on his downward trending NBA career. There’s no doubt the Cavaliers could use the depth in the front court that Brad Miller gives them. This year he’s averaging 11.3 points and 7.5 rebounds, but he’s doing so in 31.3 minutes per game. With a healthy Ilgauskas and Varejao, I don’t see Miller finding 31.3 minutes per game with Cleveland. I think the Cavaliers would be getting a guy who would replace the role Joe Smith held for the team last year…a veteran big guy who can buy the Cavaliers a few minutes here and there when they need it. Beyond that, Brad Miller hasn’t had a great season since 2004-05, and would not really give the Cavaliers much in return for Wally’s deal.

The worst part of it all would be that the Cavaliers would still owe Miller $12.25 million next year as well. This is just another deal that really makes no sense for the Cavaliers. It’s obvious why the Kings would do it, but less so why the Cavaliers would. Brad Miller isn’t really the kind of player who is going to make a difference between beating the Celtics and losing to them. And at the price tag he carries, it would just be the Cavaliers adding on another overpaid veteran. It’s been said before by Brian Windhorst that Danny Ferry is not going to trade Wally unless it’s a home run…the kind of deal that changes the way teams look at the Cavaliers. Brad Miller is not that player, and I highly doubt anything will ever come of this.

  • Brendon

    I veto this trade- I am fine getting rid of Wally ( for the right amount), but you HAVE to keep hickson. I think he will be a very valuable piece in the next few years.

  • Mike

    Please lord I hope I never hear another word about this trade rumor. This would be the worst thing to ever happen to our season……..

  • Brendon

    I think these reporters put a bunch of names in a hat and see what they pull out.

    Today we have Wally and Andy for…………..Vladimir Radmanovic COME ON DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    I love seeing what other teams view as a “home run.” Adding Hickson in there is just silly. I can’t think of many Scott-approved deals right now that don’t result in Amare Stoudemire attempting to pay Daniel Gibson for his jersey number…

  • Nicko

    This absolutely makes no sense…

  • http://www.clevelandrovers.com Lisol

    This just wont happen, Ferry is too big on Hickson to trade him for a guy who is essentially Z-Lite.

  • Brendon

    I love your thinking Scott

  • mike

    “well, of course the Kings would.”

    Exactly. This trade would be a no-brainer for the Kings. its senseless for the cavs. i dont see the cavs making a trade involving wally just for the sake of making a trade. his contract expires so the cap space clears up next year no matter what. unless some team offers a kwame brown for pau gasol type of trade, i really dont see wally getting moved.

  • wendigo

    ugh this would be a terrible trade.

  • Windy City Wahoo

    Wouldn’t you love to be Danny Ferry right now? You’re sitting in your office fielding offers from all over the league and shooting each one down because the other teams aren’t offering you anything more than players on the downside of their careers. I can just imagine him with his feet on his desk and cigar clenched between his teeth laughing maniacally as GMs from around the league offer him their spare parts for Wally’s contract.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    I think Ferry is saving the feet on desk and cigar smoking for the day when Cleveland has a title and LeBron has signed an extension. :)

    But I get your point Wahoo. Ferry has taken a lot of heat from fans through the years, but I have always thought he’s done a pretty good job. The one thing he almost always does is make sure the Cavaliers are the ones holding the cards. He did so with Varejao, with the Hughes trade, with the Mo Williams trade, and with Delonte West. This will be no different. Ferry will make sure the Cavaliers get the best possible deal if he moves Wally.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    First, I have to say no to this deal, though it is not as ridiculous as it is being made out to be. We are one Z foot injury away from this being a potential season saving deal. Second, I haven’t seen enough from Hickson to make any deal dead. Young, athletic and has potential yes, but what do you want…a championship right? I think the Cavs players treat JJ like the dopey kid brother for a reason…

  • Brad

    WCW, good call, especially after Ferry’s been in that other role the last few years trying to peddle Donyell Marshall, Laura Hughes, Amon Jones…this has got to be sweet salvation for him!

  • david

    rick has a very good point. this deal doesnt make sense now, and ferry can sit back and relax and field offers while we keep winning, but andy, ben and Z are not enough. we are one big guy away from being a complete team, and we could do worse than brad miller.

    that said, i agree with everyone else on here, i dont like this at all.

  • Nicko

    Ill take Joe Smith for free in the next week rather than this….

  • bridgecrosser

    Worst. Rumor. Ever.

  • JJ

    Say this was a trade porposed to a 14-12 team, do you take it then? Or does it give you even more reason to hold out for the grand slam walk off game 7 winning home run

  • JJ

    i say this is only a no because we are winning now. I would maybe accept at 14-12

  • Chris

    I’m surprised these trade rumors aren’t also mentioning Eric Snow’s $7 million expiring contract, seeing as Ferry likely plans to try and include Snow in whatever trade he does ultimately make.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    @JJ: Even at 14-12 I wouldn’t do this trade. In fact, I would be LESS likely to do it as a 14-12 team, because at 14-12, you’re not a contender, so you need your future potential even more. The Cavaliers, at 23-4, are trying to win now at all costs. So the loss of Hickson isn’t as bad. To me, the real problem with this trade is that Brad Miller just isn’t that good anymore. I want the Cavaliers to use their best bargaining chip for the best return they can get. That is not Brad Miller.

  • JJ

    Could the kings throw anyone (beside the obvious Kevin Martin) in this deal that would make it even considerable? Maybe Salmons? How about Garcia? Wow unless its Martin i’m not seeing valuable return even if they do throw in someone with Miller.

  • http://benjamincox.blogspot.com Ben Cox

    JJ isn’t getting traded unless Bosh, Amare or Dirk are prepared to wear the yellow throw-backs.

    Now, if instead of JJ, Ferry threw in a pick/Jackson and also got back Salmons…. Yes.

    But they’re gonna sign Joe Smith for free anyways.

  • http://www.fuellegacy.com/gasworldwide Jeff

    Are we sure Joe Smith is being bought out? I hear people on here saying that all the time, but I haven’t seen it in print outside of this site. And even with Smith, I still would like to see something else for Wally should we trade him, but definitely not Miller.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    Well, Jeff, nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen, but the Thunder just signed Kristic to an offer sheet. If the Nets don’t match, and it’s highly doubtful they will, the Thunder will then look to trade Smith. The Cavs can’t trade for him, but they can hope that either the Thunder can’t find a trade partner and just buy out his contract, or else whomever they trade him to gives him a buyout.

    As for sources outside this site, I know Windhorst brought it up.

  • Dave D

    In a word: No

  • Matt in Lyndhurst

    Rock King and others…

    Did you see Yard Barker linked this story to your site? You guys are growing FAST!


  • adam rosen

    Wally for Bosh. Straight up.

  • BrownDude

    “Wally for Bosh. Straight up.”

    Lol, then let’s trade Kinsey for Kobe and we’ll be set. 😉

  • brad

    Stephon Marbury for Wally Szczerbiak