While We’re Waiting…

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing.  Have something you think we should see?  Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

“If you count only their Monday night games, they’re astonishingly good,” said [Tony] Kornheiser, who will be in the booth for tonight’s game between the 4-9 Browns and 7-5-1 Eagles in Philadelphia. “I believe they could become only the second team ever to win three Monday night games — and not make the playoffs.” Quite an accomplishment, Cleveland. [Plain Dealer]

Some math for the morning: Butch Davis’ Tar Heels will lose 12 seniors on scholarship this off-season.  So far, he has 24 players committed to coming to Chapel Hill.  And he’s still recruiting.  Looks like some of these commitments will not be honored – on UNC’s end.  [Wiz of Odds]  

“At the end of the day, this looks like it will be a good bullpen. And if one of these guys doesn’t work out, prospect Adam Miller is working on a transition to the bullpen and has lights-out stuff. The Indians have other young men to take the ball as well. And with the general quality and quantity on hand, the Indians bullpen probably won’t be the bullpen of horrors outlined here. Probably.” [At The Dish]

“I just got out of the compliance office and picked up my release,” said [Former Wolverine running back Sam] McGuffie. “They gave me a full release – no restrictions. I will be somewhere else in January.” [Rivals via MGoBlog]

Todd Dery picks up right where we left off on Saturday.  Sure, the Cavs may have lost, but how can anyone be upset about it?  [TD]

And for those that care… I’m down 10 in one fantasy league, 22 in another.  I have Brian Westbrook tonight.  This is the world I live in.  9 AM TKNK.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP

    Once Joe Johnson got hot in the fourth quarter on Saturday, it was going to be tough. Some of the shots he was canning were ridiculous.

  • Louis

    Ha! try depending on the Philadelphia defense to win your semifinal game for you. This is the world we live in….

  • TampaBrett

    Westbrook should get at least 30 points. He’s going to shred the Browns.

  • P@

    I have the Philly D and a 15 point lead (in a fairly low-scoring league) going against Westbrook and David Akers… I am extremely nervous to say the least.

  • Bobby O’Brien

    I’m down 12 and have no one going, but my opponent has Braylon and McNabb…Pray for lots of fumbles and picks!!!

  • http://www.fuellegacy.com/gasworldwide Jeff

    I have a first round bye as the number one seed in my league and barely paid attention to any games this week because of it…that is the world we live in, where you only care if it matters to you.

  • The Bambino

    Browns getting 14 points?
    Laid down some scratch on this one fellas. At least the game will mean something to me until the very end:)