Cavaliers to Roll Out Another Jersey?

To throwback or not to throwback?  That is the question.

The Cavaliers have hit the hardwood in several different jersey combinations this season.  Of course, they have their standard home and away jerseys that feature the navy/wine/white ensemble.  To throw it back to the days of Mark Price and company, the team takes it back a notch by donning the orange and blue.  And of course, like them or not, the Cavs have their “Hardwood Classic” jerseys that feature the true wine and gold (1970-74) from the days that make Austin Carr sit back and reflect…deep in The Q.

But those of you that choose to keep your closet up to date with the latest and greatest Cavaliers gear will have another purchase to make in the near future.

With tomorrow night’s game against the Bobcats featuring the Daniel “Boobie” Gibson bobblehead doll, the team will also be wearing the jersey as seen above. 

As you can see, it’s more of a neon blue color with gold letters, and red trim along the arms and neck.  It’s not exactly the neon blue of the 1994-99 Shawn Kemp Specials, but it’s intriguing to say the least.  They remind me a lot of the 1990s Golden State Warriors jerseys, honestly.

As with any alternative jersey, there are bound to be mixed reactions.  Typically, I’m a fan of anything different as long as it isn’t the old Pittsburgh Pirates gear.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

(Updated photo below with a huge thanks to Paul Lukas of UniWatch)

And thanks to Ziller, we can now buy these babies before the Cavs even take the floor.  Don’t go scooping them all up before Rick gets his chance…

  • JD


    More of the Orange & Blue!

  • MacNip

    Not a fan

  • Michael

    I love when teams have multiple jerseys. Looks like the Cavs have become a team with more than multiple jerseys. Love it. I really liked the whine and gold ones they brought back a couple years back.

  • Jay

    Is there a league rule stating how many different uniforms can be used in a single season? Or are the Cavs trying to set a record with most uniforms worn in a season without duplicating? I love the Cavs, but SHEESH! Enough already. And for the love of God, please don’t break out the Shawn Kemp era uniforms.

  • danny317

    They also have a wine colored one they sell at the team shop, and a white on floating around on the net

  • TampaBrett

    I think they look great. Unfortunate for me I just bought the hardwood classic wine and gold. Wish I would have waited for this one.

  • Rick

    (head falls/eyes shut/head shakes/hand slaps forehead)

  • ryan

    who cars about anything in other than the fact ohio state cant win a big game…i dont care about how “they played tough” or “didn’y get blown out”..i’m sick of living here in SEC country and the anti-Ohio State crap. out with tressel.

  • IRB?

    I’d be impressed if they showed up in the Penguin’s powder blue jerseys.

  • Rick

    Um…ryan? Wrong post?

  • Chris M

    Enough with the different uniforms already. I just want to know what big man Ferry is going to find to fill the uniform. Z out for a month could set this team back quite a bit.

  • mendy

    i like it actually… and i DO wish they’d bring back the gund-era jersey’s for a night. hideous as they were, it’d be nice to see a winning team wearing them!

    “as long as it isn’t the old Pittsburgh Pirates gear”
    -go ahead.. picture delonte wearing one of those hats… yeah, it actually works!

  • DCBucks


  • Tron

    Does this mean LeBron gets to design another shoe?? Nike AirZoomXXVII ???

  • RockKing

    I love it! I say the more the merrier. Let’s face it, the Cavaliers are not a historic franchise. I would hate to see the Browns or the Buckeyes doing stuff like this, but I love the fact that the Cavaliers are embracing modern marketing tactics and presenting fans with plenty of options and lots of different looks. It’s fun, and I enjoy seeing all the different varieties.

  • buu

    yeah it looks too much like the old golden state uniforms. id like it better if this uniform actually existed in cavs history prior to this season but it didnt, so its pretty random looking. the navy wouldve looked sharp.

  • Kevin

    I am sure that there will be people in the 3rd row behind the bench who have these jerseys on tomorrow night. I see them every time I am there and they always have the newest throwback. I guess if you can afford season tickets at $350 per ticket then you can afford to buy every single jersey ever made with a number 23 on the back

  • Kevin

    On a sidenote, I got my WITNESS MO BOOBIE shirt that I won in the 12 days of Christmas!! Thanks WFNY!! If anyone spots me at the Q tomorrow night give me a high five, I will be wearing the shirt in gold!!

  • xt04

    I don’t HATE them…im just not sure about them. The gold grew on me, but I just dont know about the blue with the wine and gold.

    I’ll have to see it in action.

  • Scotty P

    like the cowbell….. we need more orange and blue.

  • Gabriel

    i definitely dig the wine and gold hardwood classics they debuted this year. The first time i saw the drawing of this new blue jersey, i gotta say i didn’t like it. but now seeing a picture of the actual jersey, i think it might actually look pretty cool. We’ll just have to see how it looks in the game tomorrow. it definitely beats our other blue alternate. i hate those. they should be burned.

  • kiddicus maximus


    i’m gonna send the number of my decorator to the Cavs.

  • saggydan

    Anyone know where I can buy that awesome wine and gold Adidas zip-up top that the Cavs wear with their throwback yellows??

    That warm-up top is nice!

  • Jay

    I agree with ScottyP. (#20). Lets get some more games where the current Cavs play homage to the only other Cavs team that was any good. Blue and Orange, and have Price, Daugherety, and Nance as honorary capiitans.

  • CJG

    Its to much. I think what makes a uniform so prodigous is its simple, and you can quickly identify it. Bulls? Red. Spurs? Black. Celtics? Green. I think the Cavs Whites are classy….in my opinion the classiest in the league. But thats just one guy’s opinion. I say pick a really classy home jersey and a really classy away jersey and stick to it.

  • Jason

    Bring back the Kemp era jerseys! One night only! We can play the mid-to-late 90’s Pistons in their teal and maroon garbage!

  • Bobby O’Brien

    I’d like em if we ever wore them in the past.

  • DP

    I have no beef with these, other than I don’t ever remember seeing that color scheme before.

    Also, I would humbly submit the early-80’s Padres and Houston Astros unis for NON-wear.

  • Paul

    cavs trying to make as much money as they can off lebron before he rolls out. each new jersey means thousands more jersey sales of the dude. good call on their part, maximize their profit

  • MarkT

    How about Stepien era. Worst teams ever but pretty cool uniforms. Wine and Gold (not yellow, but gold)

  • Kyle

    Next week they are going to wear Orange and Brown, Mike Brown already gave up one of his timeouts to Mangini.

  • http://uncensored dal


  • AutumnQueen

    I think it’s great that they have all the different looks. Take for instance the Boston Celtics. Two jerseys and that’s it! The have white trimmed in green, and green trimmed in white. Boring! I think the jerseys are as exciting as the Cavs are this year! Let them wear pink as long as they win. :-) Go Cavs!

  • Rocky

    Hey autumn queen, the celtics have a alternate jersey man haha, the black ones. which are pretty nice if i might add, and this is coming from a spurs fan. who have the alternate silver ones…so yeah, every team has a alternate jersey my queen. ha

  • Scott

    Aren’t these the lakers colors? I keep waiting to see Kobe.

  • Sam

    Where can I get the Cavs Adidas Originals track jacket in wine/gold with the old Cavelier logo on it? They wear these when they wear the gold or pictured above jerseys. Those jackets are excellent.

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