Cavaliers vs Celtics Live Blog

Celtics at Cavaliers. Eastern Conference’s top 2 teams. It doesn’t get any better than this. Join us tonight as we will be live blogging the festivities.

  • Brandon @ BB

    Can’t wait for this one to tipoff.


  • Scott

    Got my Pete’s Strawberry Blonde, Chili Nacho dip and the remote control. Can’t wait…

  • Taylor

    Pumped to see the live blog back. I’ll be on all night.

  • TampaBrett

    Oh yeah. Live Blog! I hope you have your snow shovels for the morning ready! lol It’s a brisk 64 degrees here.

  • Eli

    Sad to miss the liveblog, but it was drinking night at Rock Bottom!
    What a night for the Cavs. Let’s savor this one.

    We really have to ride this one to first place in the East. I DO NOT want to face the Magic/Celtics before the Eastern Conference Finals. It makes a huge difference who has to face the Magic before then.

  • IRB?

    Nice AK NK comment Clem.

    Met up with Eli and CJG at the Rock Bottom. They have an excellent stout. Stout is good. So are the Cavs. Porter/Cavs FTW!

    PS Nowitski just threw up a terrible airball.

  • DP

    It was the Cavs’ night, all around. It looked at times in the second and third like they might not cash in their stellar effort, as they just couldn’t pull away, but when Ben Wallace makes half of his free throws to negate hack-a-Ben, and James just non-chalantly throws up a half-court shot anticipating a foul away from the ball and it goes in, it’s just your night. It also helped that they caught the Celtics at a bad time, but James looked like a guy who wanted the world to know he’s the best player in it.

  • Kev – S.L.A.B. ENT

    first time on the site!!! looks dope… dope idea.

    this is a dope idea also with the chat thing.