Larry Hughes Trade Watch

Remember when the Bulls thought they came out on top in this one?  Sure, Ben Wallace may not exactly be what he once was, but hey… Via By The Horns’ Matt McHale:

There are certain things in life you can’t wait to be rid of. In-laws. The flu. Hangovers (also known as flu-like symptoms). The nasty “rash” you “picked up” during your freshman year of college. For the Bulls and their fans, Larry Hughes is that rash. He’s already dropped rock-like out of Vinny Del Negro’s rotation, and, frankly, it says something about Hughes’ character that Jud Buechler could average 10 minutes per game for a 72-win Bulls team and yet ”Big Shot Larry” is riding the pine for a Chicago squad destined for around 35 wins and another trip to the NBA draft lottery. […]

Not surprisingly, there isn’t exactly a healthy market for delusional shooting guards who are best known for taking too many bad shots while earning a cap-killing salary.

There are rumors that the Nets may have an interest in Hughes’ “services.”  I know that some Wizards fans wouldn’t mind having him back, though I’m not too sure why.  Perhaps it is a bit of “those were the days” type stuff?  I’m not sure.  I’ll let Craig take it from here.  He’s usually full of wonderful Hughes-based thought. 

The Larry Hughes Watch continues… [By the Horns]

  • Chris M

    So my friend, a Bulls fan from Chicago, still says that the Bulls and Cavs traded headaches, until I remind him that we magically made Joe Smith turn into Mo Williams, after which the conversation becomes uncomfortably loud with my laughter.

  • Harv 21

    John Paxson needs to get some advice on this from his bro Jim whose greatest move was talking someone into taking on the contract of that body fitness guru Shawn Kemp.
    Isn’t funny how no one here resents Ben Wallace for his big money, since we’re not the ones who signed him? I love what this guy adds, but objectively, his value compared to that salary is pretty scary. And at least he adds intangibles, unlike Larry.

  • Nicko

    The Cavaliers got the best three players in the trade in Delonte, Ben and Joe. Turned Joe into Mo and who knows what Wally will do within the month.

  • Ricky

    Ben Wallace knows he can’t shoot the ball, Larry Hughes does not. Ben Wallace knows that he shouldn’t be handling the ball, and once again, Larry Hughes does not. Ben Wallace knows how to help teams win, and finally, Larry Hughes does not.

    Ben Wallace hasn’t been anything close to a headache in Cleveland, but rather the ultimate team player. He wants to win while Larry wants to shoot the ball.

    If the Bulls somehow find a trading partner for Hughes, I will lose all faith in humanity

  • wendigo

    …for the Shawn Kemp era Cavalier throwbacks!

    is this for sure? my friends and i were talking about this the other day. we seriously like them, regardless of what some people on this site have said…

    damn, that probabaly means its a joke then

  • Amar Panchmatia

    I don’t know if we’ll ever get to see LeBron go into the United Center and hit “The Shot 2” over a leaping Kirk Hinrich, but dumping Larry Hughes on the Bulls is close enough as far as getting revenge on Chicago.

    Can’t say I feel sorry for ya’, Bulls fans. Good luck finding a sucker this year like YOU guys were last year!!!!

  • Amar Panchmatia

    “If the Bulls somehow find a trading partner for Hughes, I will lose all faith in humanity”

    With Hughes’ deal expiring in 2010, you know the Knicks will have a hard on for this guy. If they can send Eddy “Come and Touch it, Dave” Curry back to Chicago for Hughes straight up, I bet the farm that they do it.

  • Craig

    I get mad at Hughes most because he could be better. If he had the attitude and heart he could be Scottie Pippen or someone like that. I get on Hughes because he was blessed with an ability to do something and he decided to chase the millions of dollars, despite the fact that he really doesn’t like to do it.

    If he were a musician, he would be the guy sitting back writing teeny bopper lyrics and beats for Britney songs. Sure he makes a lot of money, but there is really no artistic merit to what he does.

    Hughes is the same way. He has all the gifts, but he just isn’t interested in winning, or living and dying from game to game and season to season. He won’t pay the ultimate price to win a team game. I am sure there are a lot of reasons for it and I KNOW that I don’t understand them. I am sorry that he is the way he is.

    That being said, he is a walking piece of talented cancer. And at the same time, he won’t admit it. He is like Ricky Davis, except in denial.

  • David

    craig, a lot of what you said is true, but in fairness, Larry came up in a horrible, horrible environment, a ton of poverty. he left college early so that he could take care of his family.

    im not gonna get on a guy for making millions doing something that he doesnt really like when its in the service of something greater than himself.

  • S-Dub

    lol god is larry hughes terrible or what?

  • SambofromOH

    I dont blame Wizards fans to wanting him back for nostalgia’s sake. I feel the same way about Kenny Lofton. I would love for it to happen again because I would get warm fuzzies but I hope to God that it doesnt happen (and I think God listened)! 😉

  • Lyon

    Sambo, but you wouldn’t want Kenny Lofton back if he were one of the highest paid players on your team would you?

    The biggest problem with Hughes is his contract. I’d bet that there would be more teams willing to put up with his me first attitude if he were making $5 mill rather than the $12 or whatever he’s making now

    Only reason the Nets get involved is in cap-clearing space for 2010. Otherwise, Hughes makes no sense for them.

  • Swig

    I don’t know if we’ll ever get to see LeBron go into the United Center and hit “The Shot 2″ over a leaping Kirk Hinrich, but dumping Larry Hughes on the Bulls is close enough as far as getting revenge on Chicago.

    haha, this is exactly what I was thinking while reading the article.

  • Boomhauer

    The warning signs for me about Hughes went off when during his 1st or 2nd year with the Cavs, he told the PD that he had bought Mega Millions tickets. He needed to play the lottery after the contract he got?! Shows you what Larry is all about…