Open Thread: What Could Have Been?

“Would we have had the opportunity to get to a Super Bowl once, maybe twice? I’d say yes, we would have. I’m saying we would have remained a good football team because it would have started with Belichick. And all of us were there together. You can’t write the story without adding Belichick to it.” – Ozzie Newsome

“It starts with the fact they’re the old Browns.” – Mike Tomlin

Whether you believe with these two or not is up to you.  The fact that the other game features a former back-up quarterback with zero run game against a team whose top receiving threat is a late first-round selection and actually decided to take a chance on an “overpriced DB” in Asante Samuel adds even more salt.

Feel free to use this thread to follow the games, or simply to get any football-related thoughts off of your chest.  Adhere to the commenting guidlines, please, as we realize that the later game will not be the best for Browns fans.

ARI/PHI at 3P.  BAL and PIT at 6:30P.  Have a good Sunday, all.

  • TampaBrett

    If only the Browns would have waited for Gruden to go on the market.

  • Craig

    Unless Gruden has Dungy preceding him to build the program, he can’t win anything either.


  • Kory

    If you think we have quarterback controversy now, just think how bad it would be with QB collector Gruden!!! PLUS, Gruden actually had Bruce Gradkowski as his STARTER!!!!! I went to Toledo, I’ve been to Bruce Gradkowski’s 21st birthday party, and besides being a total CREEPER and SLEEZEBALL, the guy is an average QB. Toledo’s offense was nothing but quick little screen passes that lead to high completion %.

  • Jeremy C

    I would not have enjoyed Gruden. I don’t think he’s a very good coach at all. His teams have a tendency of collapsing late in seasons. He got a luck Super Bowl win, with none of his own talent, and Monte Kiffin.

  • TampaBrett

    I just like him cause actually shows emotion on the side line. Unlike Romeo or Mangini, but yeah to each their own. I’d rather have Gruden.

  • TampaBrett
  • Chris

    Just saw the LeBron commercial where he is on the Browns!! That was awesome.

  • B-bo

    Being emotional doesn’t mean one can coach. Gruden would have been a terrible choice for the Browns, and I hope they continue to show no interest in Bruce Allen as well. The Bucs have stagnated since their Super Bowl season, and it started at the top with poor personnel decisions and a coach who regularly burns bridges and steps on toes with little regard for team chemistry.

  • Logan Cash

    So what would have happened if we had selected McNabb and the Eagles took Couch?

    My guess is that McNabb would have been better with the Brrowns than Couch was due to his mobility. But, he would not have had the same career that he did in Philly. Not even close.

    At the same time, I think Couch could have been a decent NFL QB with a good OL line. He never had a chance in Cleveland. Not with that team – not with that line.

    So – at the end they would have had roughly the same career. Both decent QBs, nothing more, nothing less.

    The way it *actually* turns out is that the Browns got one of the all-time #1 pick busts and the Eagles end up with a borderline HOF QB. Life’s a cruel bitch sometimes.

  • TampaBrett

    By no mean did I say emotional would make him a good coach. I just want a coach that gets into the players asses. Someone that can put a fire in their ass, I don’t see that coming from any other coach. I love how everybody is a NFL genius on here as well.

  • Eli

    I hope Edge does so well this game that the Browns sign him in free agency and he goes back to 2.5 ypc.

    These kinds of decisions almost seem customary for the Browns.

  • wendigo

    it appears right now that the cardinals are our only hope…

  • Chad

    I started a new blog over the weekend. I’m just you’re average Clevelander, with a slightly different perspective. I didn’t read all the comments yet, didn’t want to act rash, but I’m happy we have Mangini and I’m not worried that we didn’t wait for Gruden. He can’t coach in the AFC North. I almost typed Central. Anyway, he’s a warm weather coach and we need northerners coaching and playing for our teams. We can take the best talent from the south, ie. Troy Polamalaoalalalmalaou, or however you spell his name. But, facts be told, produce the best coaches, just look at the story that was out over the holidays about the DI coaches and the bowl games, I think it was the Wall Street Journal. Anyway let’s wait for next year again.

  • IRB?

    Fitzgerald is obscenely good.

    Joe Buck is not.

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    If there’s any justice in this world, we would get the Ravens back here in Cleveland and Baltimore would get the heaping pile of sh!t we now call the Browns. But I digress.

  • Pat in CA

    Hafner says his shoulder is getting better.

  • Pat in CA

    Sorry for that last one, I’m just trying to move on.

    If you need a good laugh, checkout Hitler’s Brauns.

    Maybe old to all of you, but first time I’ve seen it.

  • IRB?

    Limas Sweed kind of made up for dropping a TD by knocking Ivey into next week. When will our receivers do that?

  • Scott

    Where can I get me a Polamalu?

  • IRB?

    @Scott: Anywhere they sell Hawaiian shirts, I think.

  • Craig

    Maybe we could ask The Rock if he has any cousins or younger brothers or something.

  • brwnsgrl

    The rallying cry at my house has been for many years, “The Browns need a Samoan!”

  • IRB?

    @ brwnsgrl: Malalalaluga here we come.

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    Pio songapuletele?

  • Les_Fleurs_Du_mal

    This time next year–God Willing–we will be the Cardinals.

    And my wife will let me stay out past 2 a.m.

    Fat freaking chance.

  • brwnsgrl

    @ IRB: Exactly the guy I was thinking of! He’s definitely on my wishlist…

  • Lone Star Fan

    The Dallas Cowboys played all four teams this year in the final four. If the Cowboys had beaten at least one of these teams, they would have played in the playoffs, and one teams would have not played in the Championship game today.

  • Chuck

    I am officially ready to commit suicide.

  • TampaBrett

    Wow Steelers vs. Cardinals? you serious? If Cardinals win I just might faint.

  • IRB?

    @ #27 – If a tree falls in the woods and lands on a Cowboys fan, does anybody care?

  • MacNip

    So, its Monday morning, I just had to watch the two teams in the AFC I hate the most battle it out to go to the Super Bowl and I am feeling sick over it. I come over to WFNY for some Cleveland news to try and lift my spirits and the first thing I see is that quote from Ozzie. That quote just killed my week.

  • DCBucks

    If anything falls on a Cowboys fan, except for LeBron, does anybody care?