Rob Chudzinski On The Way Out?

Rob ChudzinskiWith all of the transgressions that followed the completion of the 2008 Browns season, one person who seemed to fly under the “blame radar” was offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.  Chud appeared to be the savior following last season and even was able to pick an apple of the (now seemingly very generous) contract extension tree.  After all, he turned our former backup quarterback into a Pro Bowler. 

After the opening day massacre against the Steelers, Chud was the Anne Sullivan of Cleveland football.

Well, if any of the currently circulating rumors are true, Chud may also be in the group that will be collecting money from the Browns while not actually working for them.

Confirming reports which hit the New York media last night, we’ve heard twice in the last 24 hours that, if Eric Mangini becomes the new Browns head coach, he will want to bring Bill Callahan along with him as his offensive coordinator. Currently the Jets’ offensive line coach […]

Mangini has also spoken with at least two other members of his former coaching staff in New York about joining him in Cleveland should he land the job. We have yet to learn the names of those two coaches.

So when fans and media alike mention a complete overhaul of the front office (and/or roster), this is definitely one step in getting that done.  Now, I do not know enough about Bill Callahan (Big Bill Callahan’s son?  Rob, you were there…) to form a judgement.  But I do know that the Jets actually had a pretty good performance from their offensive line.  I mean, they provided Brett Favre with all of that outlook not so goodtime to throw those interceptions and Thomas Jones/Leon Washington had Pro Bowl seasons.  Now, how that would transfer to an entire offense would remain to be seen.

And if you’re one of those anti-Mangini types, The OBR’s John Taylor mentions that Steve Spagnuolo “wowed” the Browns decision makers during his interview.  There are several other coaches currently in the NFL (encompassing various roles) that could be linked to Spags as well, which would also not be the greatest of news for Chudzinski.  It doesn’t appear that the Browns will fire Chud without having a replacement in line.  But given the current names on Randy Lerner’s radar, the OC’s magic eight ball likely reads: Outlook Not So Good.

Assisting Mangini? [The OBR]

(Update: Oh, and the PD just “broke” the same story here – that the OBR did, but – thanks to “unnamed sources.”  Unreal.)

  • bobby

    ok this seems bad to me, didnt the jets bloggers say that mangini’s staff was young and inexperienced!? So why take that staff with you?

  • B-bo

    I must say the reports of a possible Tom Heckert/Steve Spagnuolo pairing in Cleveland sounds like the best non-Cowher idea to me yet. As for Chud: if the new regime has other people in mind for OC, then that’s their prerogative–I don’t see any reason why he should be free of blame in this season’s debacle. If we’re going to start anew, then do it full speed and show the guy the door.

  • Chris M

    Will Bill be bringing his brother Tommy to coach the O-line?

  • Harv 21

    Now, remind me again why we should assume that a competent offensive line coach = competent offensive coordinator?
    This is like Groundhog Day.

  • Jeremy Coyle

    Nice Tommy Boy reference.

  • P@

    Hahahaha… the “Rob, you were there” line is a personal favorite of mine. Nice usage, Scott.

  • DP

    Well, didn’t Billy Callahan run the “west coast” offense at Nebraska? (side note: I was in attendance for his very first game as UN head coach… don’t ask)

    I find myself wondering if that wouldn’t actually be a good fit for Quinn… shorter, more accurate passes? Isn’t that his forte?

  • Dave D

    Brother don’t shake hands…BROTHERS GOTTA HUG!!!

  • SteelMagnolia

    Yes, MKC is reading your dumb blog and rewriting it as her own. Unreal. You’re just some guy sitting around stealing other people’s work. You don’t have connections to anything. You’re just some guy with a computer like any other doofus.

  • bobby

    I agree with B-bo about the Heckert/ Spagnuolo combo. Heckert is a proven GM/ Exec. in the NFL, and Spag. seems to have a lot of upside, plus he has this thing called passion that you can see when he coaches.

  • Scott

    SteelMag, thanks for reading!

  • RandyOSU


    Looking forward to Billy Callahan bringing his training wheels, long way up from line coach to OC. Can’t wait to hear about all the other raw inexperienced coaches Mangini has in mind.

    Mankok anyone?

  • TD

    anytime a Tommy Boy reset is dropped, I’m all for it. Well done, Soctt

    “R.G. I lost my virginity to your daughter….Rob, you were there.”

  • Humboldt

    Wow, a Tommy Boy reference in a Browns-related article…I have been awaiting this rapturous moment for over a decade. Shame that it’s in reference to a rather deflating development for most Browns fans (using the comments section of WFNY as a representative sample, of course)

  • MacNip

    I am glad Steel is nieve enough to think that reporters don’t read the blogs and steal ideas.

    And you are so completely correct…..none of these guys have connections to anything. Maybe do some research before you come on here spouting childish comments.

  • Shooter

    I wouldn’t be surprised if SteelMagnolia was MKC herself. I wrote her an email once regarding an error in one of her stories. She said he was from Westlake. I informed her that he is from Bay Village and that Chuck Heaton wouldn’t have made that mistake (who also lived in Bay. FYI this was before he passed away). Perhaps a little cheap but I was bored and tired of her bad reporting. Her response was:

    “Someone on my desk at the pd inserted that little blurb without my knowledge. I find your Chuck Heaton reference quite rude. mary kay cabot”

    Must be nice not having to read anything you write before it’s published. A bit off subject but I thought that might help explain why we always get such high quality material from MKC.