Cavaliers Top Bobcats: Scoreboard Watching…

Cavaliers 111, Bobcats 81 (Box)

The Cavaliers were disposing of the Bobcats, meanwhile Boston continued their slide, and Detroit finally had their win streak snapped. Could it be? Could the Cavs (28-6) be the Eastern Conference leader? Are they, at least for the moment, the best team in the league? Could this really be an ESPN reporter saying LeBron to NY makes no sense?

Oh yeah, about the game….

The Cavs came out looking to put the Bobcats away early. Great energy on defense plus ball movement was more than enough to take down a weary Charlotte team, but add some hot shooting and we had ourselves a blowout. The Bobcats never led in this one. The only tie was at 0-0.

How’s this for balance: James led the team with 21 points, but five other Cavaliers had at least 13 points as the retro-look Cavs shot 60 percent for the game. Yes, you read that right.  In addition, the Cavs had 24 assists and out-rebounded the Bobcats 41-33. But they were certainly not perfect. And I would hesitate to say they were playing at the same level as their November and December run. Charlotte looked tired and simply doesn’t have the personnel to keep up with the Cavaliers if they are playing close to what they are capable of.

It was good to see Daniel Gibson and Wally Szczerbiak have good shooting nights. This team will need them hitting outside shots to beat Boston on Friday.

  • IRB?

    Fact: I like the retro-blue look better than the retro-gold.

  • Rick

    IRB, I’m not even sure I can say that. As much as I don’t like the color of those gold jerseys, at least they are Cavs colors. And they actually wore those jerseys at one time. Unlike say the blue ones, which were never worn before last night.

  • Scott

    I like them as well. The gold is a bit much, there are enough *other* colors on these that they look pretty sweet. If only throwbacks were acceptable in the office.

  • Chris M

    I’m getting a little tired of the uniform-of-the-day thing. These guys will eclipse the University of Oregon’s football team for uniform changes within a month.

  • Adam

    friday is huge

  • Scott

    Chris, I know what you mean. Though I think that’s a Nike thing more than an Oregon thing.

  • Chris M

    Oh I know Scott, I was just pointing it out because I believe that Oregon uses a different uniform every week of the season.

  • buu

    and when it comes to Oregon, it comes down to Oregon alumnus phil knight.

  • Scotty P

    I love that fact that the CAVS are playing TEAM ball. And i also love that fact that no one is complaining when the King only scores 16. This team is just playing great all around BBall right now.

    I haven’t followed much Bball since the days of Gandma-ma, Zo, and Mugsy. To see the Cavs playing great unselfish like (aka Allen “I take 60 shots a game” Iverson) basketball is quite refreshing.

  • Ricky

    The Cavs should wear those uniforms every game until they lose

  • Eric

    They could wear jeans and a t-shirt for all I care as long as they keep winning.


  • Hoy

    Tonight the cavs are wearing their Trailer Trash throwbacks, Gibson is in a wife beater with ketch up stains brandishing a Busch Light hat, Lebron is wearing overalls as his warm up, Ben Wallace and Anderson Varejeo have matching “I’m with stupid <—” shirts, Delonte West is sporting the latest Jim’s Bait Shop apparel, Mo Williams has grown a Mullet for the occasion and Wally has trumped them all with a Pearl Jamesque flanel and ripped jeans, a black eye (presumably from his wife) and he can be seen on the bench drinking a fifth of Evan Williams.

    Go Cavs

    I thought the Blues were cool

  • CJG

    I’m with Eric and Ricky except:

    They can where whatever uniform they want so long as they win a championship.