While We’re Waiting…

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing.  Have something you think we should see?  Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

“George Kokinis spent a second day visiting with the Browns on Tuesday, but there was no indication that an offer to become the team’s general manager was made. Owner Randy Lerner was not in the office, said a source. Kokinis, the Baltimore Ravens pro personnel director, visited with new coach Eric Mangini and his coordinators, and also with other Browns’ front office executives, including President Mike Keenan. If Kokinis doesn’t take the Browns’ job, he sure has learned a lot about the inner workings of one of Baltimore’s division rivals.” [Tony Grossi/Plain Dealer]

“You have no idea just how horrible that “chalk” is. (It’s actually a rosin mixture — this is the one the Lakers use — to keep players’ hands dry for gripping the ball.) The powdery stuff gets everywhere –especially in sports writers’ drinks when sitting courtside and even worse … in laptop keyboards. It’s a nightmare.” [Kevin Ding/OC Register via BDL]

“Yes, I know Miller has pitched only 100 total innings over the past two seasons. Yes, I know that his right middle finger has been a pain since 2007. Yes, I know he had what he calls “Tommy John-type” reconstructive surgery on it last May. I know he had some elbow trouble in 2005. I know he could be a pitcher who may always have something wrong with him.  But if Adam Miller stays healthy… ” [Terry Pluto/Plain Dealer]

“The Blue Jackets and [Blue Jackets Goalie Steve] Mason are in a tough spot. They don’t want to offend the league by saying this is a precautionary measure because it’s a nice honor for organization and the player. All-Star weekend is about letting fans see the best players and the rising stars. Mason, however, has played a ton and he’s had some back problems.  Mason has had spasms prior to this season, as well.  Let’s be honest, All-Star events are not easy on goalies. There’s no checking or defense. Almost every opportunity is a golden one. Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro got hurt during a recent All-Star weekend.” [Aaron Portzline/Columbus Dispatch via Light the Lamp]

And I’m posting this only because it makes me feel better about myself.  Nice pants. [KSK]

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    Um, excuse me. I would like to extend to you an invitation….

  • Chris M

    I heard that Dante Lavelli passed away this morning, has anyone else heard that?

  • Chris M

    Actually, looks like it’s confirmed. All I had to do was look, I guess.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dennymayo IRB?

    Didn’t realize the pants were short – thought he had a little Captain in him at first.

    PS I wish the Browns has Holmes.

  • Windy City Wahoo

    Yes, Dante passed away yesterday. It was reported last night on Cleveland.com. I went to Hudson High where our stadium was named after him.

  • P@

    Interesting… I also went to Hudson High and was going to say the same thing.

  • http://www.NoLogoNeeded.com Don_NoLogoNeeded.com

    So the guy in the Holmes jersey obviously cared enough to get the more expensive jersey. It has nice stitching on the number and last, meaning its not the $80 or so screen-printed jersey.

    Yet, after throwing on the new, expensive jersey, he though the pants would suffice?


  • DCBucks

    Has anyone seen if there’s been a fine for the hit on McGahee? Or is helmet to helmet legal, if it’s done by a Steeler?

  • mj

    @DCBucks – I believe it’s been reported there would be no fine or suspension for the hit on McGahee…. I think it was yesterday, don’t recall where I read it though. Probably PFT.

  • mj

    @DCBucks – here’s the PFT link. Boston Globe reports an NFL spokesman said the hit was clean:


  • mj

    As for the that picture of the dude in the Pittsburgh jersey…

    Are you guys sure that’s a dude?

    Those look like some _awfully_ dainty, thin ankles and some damn tiny shoes for a guy.

    Yeah, I see the short, butch hair… but they’re from Pittsburgh.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned around and showed a beard, too.

  • MacNip

    @ DCBucks – The hit on McGahee was clean. Guy lead with his shoulder, not his helmet. Their helmets hit but it wasn’t because he was leading with his head

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    That pic validates my name. I live down in DC and have seen some hillbilly yinzer females walking around with purses that that are made out of Steeler Jersey material or something similar. This might be the ugliest piece of paraphernalia I have ever seen for any sport at any time. I thought only Eurotrash wore man capris.