While We’re Waiting…

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing.  Have something you think we should see?  Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

Big Brother?  “As we reported earlier in the day, Kokinis traveled to New York on Wednesday to meet with owner Randy Lerner. But once Kokinis is hired, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the work will be done. As Peter King suggested earlier this month, Lerner could hire a Parcells-type overseer of the front office. It might be news to Mangini and/or Kokinis.” [Mike Florio/ProFootballTalk]

Good thing they hit that buzzer-beater against Syracuse: “Last year Cleveland State University began floating the idea of not only changing the name of the school to the “University of Cleveland”, but also of adding a varsity football team to the school’s sports line-up. On Tuesday, however, it was revealed that the ideas have all but been shot down, at least for now.” [Cleveland Leader]

“Not until the final [WBC] rosters are set in late February will [Eric] Wedge know exactly who will be missing from spring camp. And by that point, it’s expected that right-hander Fausto Carmona — perhaps the most eye-catching name on the provisional list, given the amount of time he missed with a hip strain last season — will be removed from the roster of the Dominican Republic.” [Anthony Castrovince/Indians.com]

Apparently, the Browns are not recession-proof: “The Browns have laid off 18 people in the last two days, including Director of Media Information Ken Mather, clevelandbrowns.com staff writer Steve King and Director of Team Operations Brendan Rowe, a source close to the situation told The Plain Dealer.  Browns President Mike Keenan said in an email, “We are not immune to the current economic climate and in order to ensure that our business operates in an honest, efficient and realistic manner, we were faced with extremely difficult decisions.” [Mark Kay Cabot/Plain Dealer]

And while I don’t always agree with Bill Livingston, he produced an excellent piece on the late Dante Lavelli.  “He was a man of his era, so he usually respected authority. But from the day Modell sat on the dais with Maryland officials, Lavelli became the most outspoken of Brown’s players. In that dark time, he was a symbol of defiance, as well as a reminder of the team’s great years. ” [Bill Livingston/Plain Dealer]

  • Harv 21

    Can barely read this because of attempts to participate in the “AC Drinking Game” last night. He “threw the hammer down” four times while there was still 8:14 left in the first quarter! We need a rule change; maybe eliminate his identical call on replays? [Just kidding, kiddies – rarely drink].

  • RandyOSU

    Why would a “Parcells type” come to the Browns AFTER the invisible man has ALREADY hired a coach and GM? Cmon…….

    Viva la Mankok.

  • Boomhauer

    Lerner could’ve afforded those front office people who lost their jobs if he stopped giving contract extensions to coaches who didn’t deserve them.

  • Boomhauer

    A shocking development: Adrian Wojnarwoski has admittted that LeBron may not go to the Knicks (and even convince Chris Bosh to join him in Cleveland).

  • Tron

    @Boomhauer: That’s what I’m talking about! Those are the kinds of news reports I love hearing.

  • bridgecrosser

    Keep the AC drinking game feedback coming! We’ll have to re-assess. I’m playing poker with a producer at FSN and I need to ask him of they are aware of the game and are trying to kill their viewership.

    When they show the Carr jersey hanging from the rafters ON A ROAD GAME, we’ll know the jig is up.

    BTW the Browns lay-offs are a major story!!! Can we get a seperate post on this. I have so many thoughts on that topic I don’t even know where to begin. “Randolph” supporters, I’m curious how this can be justified. Having worked for pro sports franchises, I find the lay-offs very depressing. Paying Romeo millions to go away but laying off people making peanuts? Doesn’t make sense no matter how you spin it….

  • Boomhauer

    The Browns should be saving money from not having a post game spread for Romeo.

  • RandyOSU

    Boom…….looks like Mangini ain’t far behind when it comes to cleaning out a buffet. Browns PR should have him wear a longer tie and larger jacket to hide his protruding gut.

    He’s not disciplined with a fork and knife, that’s for sure-lacking self-discipline perhaps?

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  • mj

    “Browns PR should have him wear a longer tie and larger jacket to hide his protruding gut.”

    Would that be Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas? (since they handle the ‘we fired our GM’ pressers.)

    Browns PR… what a quaint idea. 😉

  • http://www.lswtf.com JackGonzo

    I got one word for you when it comes to the “Parcells type” overseerer Big Brother….say it with me now…


  • RandyOSU

    mj-that begs the question, who is the “face” of this organization? Mangini lisped an answer during his intro presser that he would hanlde those duties. Here’s hoping he see’s a tailor next time prior to his entrance.


  • mj

    Right there with ya, RandyOSU. So far, Randy hasn’t indicated he thinks any kind of PR presence is necessary, to be sure.

    These latest rumors give me some hope that he’s making necessary changes. He’s still screwing up the process, but it’s a start, no?

  • RandyOSU

    mj-sorry to be a skeptic, but I feel there’s no hope for Randy (Randolph). His ego has run amuck in regards to doing things quickly and on his own; and his REFUSAL to speak nary a word to his customer base WILL catch up with him. This season ticket holder finds his conduct unacceptable. In the end we will see.

    I see now way that any experienced and capable front office leaderhship will board Lerner’s ship now that he’s hired a coach and a GM, just don’t see it. He’s put himself squarely accountable, which is as it should be. He’ll be FORCED to sell the team if this doesn’t work.

    Hope I’m wrong for the loyal Cleveland Browns fan base-but personally you can hit me over the head with a brick so many times as a customer there comes a point in time.

  • mj

    @RandyOSU–You’re certainly right to be skeptical. And from reading your posts, I know we think very much alike in this area. I absolutely agree with you about his arrogance, ego, and lack of PR.

    But if–and this is admittedly a big if, since it’s strictly speculation at this point–if he hires a strong president/overseer, and the guy is qualified and does his job, and if Randy respects that organizational hierarchy (which shouldn’t be a problem, he has shown himself to be a hands-off owner), that would give me some hope. I’ll still be a skeptic, but taking an action like that would indicate to me that he has learned something and is taking a step to correct the problem. And if he’s got a team president to handle the PR issues and put a face on the organization, I’d be perfectly happy with Randy remaining deep in the background.

    I think the biggest test following that–and this is assuming that they aren’t a disaster of Romeo proportions on the field over the course of the next season or two–will be to see how he handles the situation the next time a high-level move needs to be made. If Kokinis wants to leave for a promotion elsewhere, or if the supposed team president wants to leave for a consultant, or if Mangini needs to be fried… it will be interesting to see if Randy would respect the structure in place or with the hierarchy again, as he did during the Butch years or when John Collins was 86’ed.

    Even if his current moves work out, it’s doubtful they stay together for an extended time, since he’s not hiring from the top down. I wouldn’t be willing to grant Lerner the benefit of the doubt until seeing how he would approach his next move, and if then ends up acting on another whim (or sells the club.) But I’ll be a little more hopeful that things are on the right track if these rumors bear fruit.

  • mj

    *wow, I need to start doing a quick proof-read before I hit submit. Obviously, that should have read “president wants to leave and be a consultant”, and Mangini might get fired, but he’s unlikely to be fried.