While We’re Waiting…the Where’s Scott Edition

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“Sometimes you look for a teammate to make a play to fire you up; every now and then a coach can fire you up,” James said. “We’re not saying we want Mike Brown to get thrown out if we look flat; sometimes you need a coach to do something, and it definitely fired us up.” [Brian Windhorst]

“Isn’t it interesting how Browns’ fans are clamoring for Randy Lerner to hire a strong GM who establishes an organizational identity, then to give that GM the authority to hire a Head Coach who shares his philosophies? After Savage and Romeo parted on messy terms, it seems that everyone wants a GM and Head Coach on the same page to cultivate that organizational philosophy. Sounds good, right? Just a quick question – isn’t this what the Indians have? And isn’t it that arrangement that causes a segment of the fan base to complain about how Shapiro and Wedge are “joined at the hip” and “finish each other’s sentences like they’re reading from a script”? Ever hear the term “Wedgiro”? Which is it Cleveland – if it’s good for the goose, doesn’t it stand to be good for the gander?” [DiaTribe]

Pryor Potential “Arrival” Moment: If you put me the spot, I would confess to not knowing exactly what this means. What I do know is that college football has been heavy on the poetic overtures throughout the years. How many times have you watched a an unheralded player have the game of his life against his home state’s university or against the school that did not offer him a scholarship. If you are having trouble thinking of one, check out the tape of the 2001 Outback Bowl (hint: Ryan Brewer). Excuse me for seeming callous but I really do not think Pryor has had a great, defining game yet. He has engineered a great drive against Wisconsin and has had a handful of magical plays, but he has yet to produce like we all imagine. [Buckeye Commentary]

Steve Mason made it 3 for 3 today when he was named the rookie of the month for the month of December after he posted a 7-5-0 record with a 1.41 goals-against average, .950 save percentage and three shutouts in 12 games. [Light the Lamp]

All of that’s fine. Ed Hochuli can still be a good official, despite the one massive goof-up, and if he and his crew battled back from that to perform well, I’m happy for them. I love a good redemption story. But if Hochuli and his crew can screw up that badly and still be the best, what’s that say about the second-best team out there? What did they do, officiate a game in which they decided that field goals should be worth 19 points, sacks worth 162 points, and touchdowns worth zero points, but free ice cream sandwiches for everyone on the offense? Did the third-best officiating crew enact a policy in Week 14 dictating that anyone who commits a holding penalty gets stabbed in the eye with an ice pick? [Shut Down Corner]

  • Chris M

    Bashing Pryor already? Give the kid a break, He’s a true freshman thrust into the limelight by the presumed starting quarterback’s inability to produce.

    Please. Give it a rest already.

  • mendy

    “[Pryor] has yet to produce like we all imagine”
    i would argue with that… i think he’s produced far more than we imagined considering the pressures involved with being a starting freshman qb at osu… especially considering everyone figured beckman would be in the entire year. (..here it comes…) wait till next year.. we’ll see how he does.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    If you read that Pryor link, he’s anticipating Pryor’s breakout game tonight…

  • http://web.me.com/dennymayo/Dennis_and_Kate/Dennis_Blog/Dennis_Blog.html IRB?

    So that he can call him out if he doesn’t deliver? With the O-line playing at a mediocre level all year and knowing their flummoxing in recent big games, I can’t expect Pryor to have a big game in the air. Texas has to know this, and will focus mainly on Pryor and Beanie on the ground. It’s hard to defend against two talented runners (see: Pat White and friends) but with a month to prepare I’m pretty sure it’ll happen.

    I’m optimistic, but cautiously so. If anybody carries the team I think it’ll be the defense.