BREAKING: Browns Trade Winslow to Buccaneers

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AP Photo

From a team press release, Kellen Winslow has been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for undisclosed draft picks. More on this as it develops, of course. In the statement, GM George Kokinis was quoted:

The Cleveland Browns thank Kellen for his contributions to this organization over the past five years. We appreciate his passion for the game and wish him success in Tampa Bay. The draft picks we have obtained through this deal will give us greater flexibility as we look to infuse more talent and create competition and depth on this football team.

Upon first glance, my take on this was Austin Powers-esque: “First, I plan to soil myself. Then, I plan to regroup and come up with new plan.” In other words, when I heard it, I first thought, “NOOOOO!!!” But, when you think about it, it really all depends on the draft picks. Kokinis explicitly said “picks” in the plural form, so we should assume at least two picks.

If we’re talking about one as a first rounder, then, by all means best of luck Kellen. But, with a thin WR corps already, and many other questions marks on both sides of the football, it’s hard to trade one of your best players. If we’re talking like a third and a sixth or something, then I’ll be a little upset that they couldn’t get more.

This also begs the questions: are they targeting another pass catcher in FA? At the top of the draft? Do they like Martin Rucker and Steve Heiden?

Again, more as we know more, but it is now official: the Kellen Winslow era in Cleveland is OVER.

UPDATE: Here’s a link with the text of the release from the ABJ: Browns trade Kellen Winslow. Still no news on the picks themselves.

  • S-Dub

    Looks like we are getting a 2nd this year and a 5th, NEXT year

  • Josh

    Also mentioned in that blog posting:

    Well, the Bucs still need a quarterback to compete with Luke McCown.

    Um…yeah, we’ve got an extra one of those too!

  • Scott

    Josh – thats one of the first things I thought of. Makes DA to TB that much less likely, at least in my opinion.

  • B-bo

    Maybe the new Bucs’ brass is looking to save themselves the trouble of a draft. DA for a 3rd? Rogers for a 1st? Kidding on Rogers, by the way–unless the crybaby act is legit and not just a ploy for money.

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  • Chris

    I know this bucks against the “win this year” feeling that a lot of fans have, but I don’t mind this trade for picks. I’d like to see them move Braylon and Shaun Rogers too … let’s free up some cap room, get some picks, and bring in players who aren’t divas, but some good blue-collar guys who work hard without needing all the limelight. Yeah, it’ll mean another losing year … but we should be used to that. Face it, we need to keep on rebuilding. Maybe someday we’ll be built, but it ain’t this year.

  • eric

    I saw one site say it was a 2nd this year and another 2nd and 5th next year, if that’s the case i think we got a good deal. I love winslow, but a team can be successful without a tightend, but i don’t think many teams can be succesful without a pass rush. We need draft picks.

  • Pat in CA

    Until the Winslow trade, the Browns had only 4 draft picks. Rounds 1,2,4 and 6.

    They traded the 3rd round pick to Dallas in order to draft TE Martin Rucker last year. Rucker caught all of two passes in 2008

    They traded the 5th round pick to draft Paul Hubbard. Hubbard was waived before the season began.

    They traded the 7th round pick to obtain DB Travis Daniels. Daniels made all of 5 tackles over the entire season.

    Not a record to brag about.

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