Cavaliers Win, Await Trade News

Cavaliers 93 Raptors 76 (Box)

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette)

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette)

It really should have been an easy win for the Cavs. Think about it, the Raptors were playing without Chris Bosh, and with Shawn Marion for the first time, ever. It should have been an easy win, and it was. The Raptors played with energy and fire in the first quarter, but the Cavs overcame it with great defense the rest of the game. Cleveland out-rebounded, out-shot, and out defended Toronto. In the end even the Cavaliers 20 (!) turnovers weren’t enough for the Raptors to force a game of it.

LeBron nearly had a triple double (go figure), finishing with 20, 9 and 9. Zydrunas had a good game (a week’s rest will do that for you) scoring 22 and hitting on 11 of his 17 shots. Anderson attacked the glass and collected14 rebounds but may have had his best game altering shots, finishing with 3 blocks. Toronto had no answer for the inside tandem of Z and Andy.

Tarence Kinsey came back from his ankle injury and looked sharp, especially on the defensive end. Delonte West sat out this one, and the Cavs got a scare when Daniel Gibson smacked his oft-injured foot into another player and writhed on the ground momentarily. He finished the game, and certainly will be sore, but hopefully it won’t cause him to miss more time.

Obviously, the focus today will be on the potential trades that can be made, but can we step back for a moment and reflect on one that didn’t get made? The Cavs quite possibly could have made a move for Marion either this season or last. After watching his defense and ugly shot last night, anyone else happy we passed on him?

  • RockKing

    As I’ve have been the loudest opponent of Shawn Marion coming to Cleveland, I am obviously quite happy nothing ever happened there.

  • Scott

    Kinsey got the raw end of the +/- last night. His hustle definitely didn’t transfer to the box score.

    The turnovers were atrocious – I think there was a string of about two minutes where both teams just kept caughing the ball up at half court. At least they balanced that out with 20 assists.

    Marion is a great defender on the perimater, but was no match for James in the low post.

    Its not a coincidence that the team only shot 10 threes and managed to convert at a 58 percent clip for the game.

  • DCBucks

    A lot of the turnovers where a result of an extra pass in close or on the break. I can live with those.

  • Brendon

    Talks of the Cavs possibly looking at Boozer.

    In the above photo, doesn’t it look like Marion should be saying, “Mmmmmmm, u smell soooooo good!”

  • Brendon

    RJ has been pulled off the block


  • Nicko

    Never liked Marion. NEVER.

    Shaq Fu coming to Cleveland? I hope his dance intro is before every game.

  • Nicko

    As long as Gund is an owner of the Cavaliers, it won’t happen with Boozer.

  • Scott

    JabbaWockeeZ Please

  • Scott

    Nicko, do you mean Gilbert?

  • kevin

    I think Gund still owns a minority share. That’s why Nicko phrased it as “AN” owner and not “THE” owner.

    Could be wrong though.

  • Nicko

    @10 is correct.

    Still a minority owner. 10% I believe.