Maurice Clarett is Blogging

Maurice Clarett will always be known around these parts for helping deliver one of the happiest moments in my sports life.  His performance at Ohio State in driving them to a win in the National Championship game over Miami will always be the thing about him that I remember most.  I know that isn’t the case for most other people in the world.  Most people will remember the man who was armed to the teeth, and had to be subdued with mace, and tasers while wearing kevlar.

You say tomato…

Anyway, now Mo is serving 7 years in prison and apparently started up a blog.  I don’t know if it is real or not.  It has been reported other places, but after reading it, I just don’t know.  Call me crazy, but it seems too well written for someone who barely finished their freshman year of college at Ohio State.  I mean, I have ready Greg Oden’s work over at Yardbarker and maybe that jaded me as to the potential of most student/ATHLETES to be bloggers.  Then again, you never know.  Mark Titus is a student athlete and his blog is well written.  Then again, he is more of a STUDENT/athlete as he barely registers any playing time for the Buckeye basketball team.

For now, I will assume that it is actually Mo.  It is an interesting read.  It seems like maybe prison has worked well to help straighten out the runaway train of a life that Mo was living before finding himself imprisoned.  It was easy to pile on as he started to get into trouble, but I still appreciate all he has done for me as a sports fan, and I will root for him to complete the life turnaround.

(Hat Tip Cursed Cleveland)

  • S-Dub

    pretty interesting. He has someone editing I think. But, I hope he turns his life around, still no one can take away from him our only title to hang our hats on. Kid was good, just VERY misguided.

  • phil

    Thanks for posting that. If real, it does indeed show a more human side to both Maurice and to life in prison. It’d be easy to demonize and obliterate from memory someone whose potential was so rudely wasted.

  • RandyOSU

    “kid” was on his way to MURDER two witnesses who were going to testify against him the next day.

    Sure…….give him his due as an OSU athlete, NOT as a human being-he’s serving well justified time and lives were saved along with other potential victims.

    I’m an OSU grad so I’ve got no bias against Mo, only hard thuggery crime and it’s victims.

  • RandyOSU

    “I’m a sovereign being”.

    The above quote taken from “Mo’s Blog”-with all due respect, I don’t believe there is no way no how Maurice Clarett wrote those passeges, let along the word “sovereign”.

  • ryan

    i use microsoft word to write up some pretty “smart” sounding dialogue. all u have to do is use the synonym option. it makes me sound smart!!!!!!

  • JonCole

    I find it hard to believe a prisoner would be allowed general internet access. I was doing some quick research, and I found this along with other information that seemed to support it:

    [Associated Content]


    Please correct me if I’m wrong. This is just weird to me.

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